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BORN 85 - International ART TRIBUTE (Slovakia) by Peter Závacký (Slovakia).

Just-completed year 2015 in our country was also the year Adolf Born.
Legendary artist, living icon, celebrated its 85 th Anniversary.
And celebrated them in the great style. 
Great artist had "HILL" wishers not only from the Czech Republic but also from the world.
Prepared for his fans staffing exhibitions (Breclav, 2xZlín - Gottwaldov, 2xPrague, Veľké Losiny...), meetings, autograph sessions, new illustrated books, as Festival Stars received the Great award for his life's animation work (at 55 th  International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Zlín - Gottwaldov, Czech)...
He also received the highly esteemed.
Dear and precious surprise - in the form of art greeting cards - his witty portrait in cartoons.
In cooperation with the curator Peter Závacký (Slovakia).
In the international art project known as ART TRIBUTE TO ADOLF BORN....
From fellow artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Europe and the world - from South America to Asia, from Carlos Amorim (Brasil), René Bouschet (France), Wilem Rasing (Netherlands), Maria Balea (Romania), Lubomír Vaněk and František Šesták (Czech), Marcel Čižmár (Slovak republic), Katarina Vašičková and Sofia Mamalinga (Greece), Vasilij Voznjuk (Ukraine) to Machmud Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan) and Adam Chua (Republic of Singapore), together twenty countries..., all who remember and appreciate the art of Master Born. 
Even 40 years after his great success.
Still, he is the most honor important Czech cartoonist in abroad.
In 1974, Adolf Born was declared cartoonist of the year in Montreal (Canada).  
Selected, top artists drew him to the jubilee of his face - as portrait.
Let us mention only a few well-known names such as Maria Balea (Romania), real Academicf of Russia Art Academy  Vladimir Motchalov (Moscow), Jurij Kuverdjajev (Moscow), Carlos Amorim (Brasil), JUNCO (Spain), Vasco Gargalo (Portugal), Saadet Demir Yalcin (Turkey), Nicoleta Ionescu (Romania), Linda Kishazi (Hungary), Aleksandar Blatnik and Milenko Mihajlovič (Serbia), Oleksij Kustovskij (Kijev),  Ivailo Cvetkov (Bolgaria), Nikolaj Rachkov (Russia), Oleg Gutcol and Oleg Krupik (Belarus), Miro Krištofík, Janko Gľonda and Mišo Závacký, Martin Krajčovič (Slovakia), Sergej Semedjajev and Mikola Dmitruch (Ukraine), Malgorzata Godard,Henryk Cebula and Slawek Lizoň (Poland), John Xagoraris (Greece), Machmud Eshonkulov, etc.
Masters, with letter of invitation from curator, gratefully and respectfully, create new forms of five tens face Adolf Born (the mere Maria Balea drew them five), large and valuable works of art, for contemporaries, but also as a future.
Curator Peter Závacký told :  Artists painted his smiling face and sent a portrait (caricature) as an art greeting. All works are different. Original, distinctive, with the idea and composition, artistic handwriting. But one thing they have in common. They are great. Excellent works of art - the highest artistic value. High artistic chronicle face of Master Born. By meaning rare and a unique set of portraits. Meaning rare and an unique set of portraits. Great message for next generations and to the future. Great show! Not only for fans of Adolf. But also for lovers and experts cartoons.Valuable document not only for contemporaries, but also for future periods.
These caricatures we like to introduce for all fans of Born and  also all readers of our HUMORGRAFE-magazine.
We  repeat very happy for our young generations:
He is holder of the honor title "The best cartoonist of the year 1974".(Montreal, Canada)
Today it is not everybody knows, already
And in these ancient years (seventies), in the world,  it was the era  of domination of Ronald Searle (1920-2011(G.Britain), Saul Steinberg (1914-1999)(Romania/USA), Roland Topor (1938-1997)(France), Marcel Gotlib (1934)(France), Paul Flora (1922- 2009)(Austria), Jean Solé (1948)(France), Jean Michel Folon (1934-2005)(Belgium), Michal Sowa 1945 (Germany)..., and other,
And in "Capital ice-hockey" city - Montreal, in that time, more than 600 best of cartoonists in the world, who  wrote and drew the modern history, voted for the best of  them - Czech Adolf Born. First and last from Easter Europe. 
I reveal, 
Born - at first, he became known as cartoonist - at home and abroad (Italy, Turkey, Poland, Yugoslavian...) . He published own humorous drawings in all the important magazines at home(cartoon magazine DIKOBRAZ, Mlady svět, Květy - in Prague, Slovak cartoon magazine - ROHÁČ in Bratislava) and in the abroad (Nebelspalter, Szpilki)...
Truly, it's a long time ago.
But he continues and draws its unique humor on.
True, "special" cartoons (for magazines and news papers) he gave goodbye already.
But his original cultured humor is not lost.
On the contrary. He enhanced by him in all his work
Now, already, for a change, he does humor in your book illustration and in the free graphic and painting works. 
These are: painting, illustration, graphic design - mainly lithography, posters, animated film, sculptures, theatrical costumes and scenegraphy, posters, post stamps, PF, Ex-libris, own books-albums with his works of art...
His domain work is graphic - drypoint, etching and color lithography. Especially in the last mentioned technology has reached a true mastery.
In illustration (over 400 books) he impressed on visual form of the well-known book characters in the Czech translation of the books of foreign authors  as Astrid Lindgrenová, A. Dumas,  D.Defoe, J.Verne, E. A. Poe, B.Brecht, A. C. Doyle, N.V.Gogol, brothers Grimm, or Shakespeare, La Fontaine and Ezop,... etc. 
And everything he did, with his hands, in the fine art, in these disciplines, changed  to gold. .
His ART-studio is decorated by awards from around the world.
(Let us tell at least some cities: Gottwaldov-Zlín, České Budejovice, Kroměříž, Bratislava, Montreal, Otawa, New Yourk, Tampere, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Esphin, Bologna, Tolentino, Marostika, Bordighero, Oberhausern, Lipsko, Krakov, Zahreb, Lublana, Gabrovo, Istambul, Teheran, ...)
Including the French state honors - Ordre des Arts et des Lettres!
(Also)The asteroid 17806 Adolf Born is named for him.
And now, for year 2015, he received the great award - Prize for creative contribution in films for children and youth  (on 55th International Film Festival in Zlín, former Gottwaldov, Moravia)
World remembers Adolf Born achievements even after long decades. His name is still a great honor for the authors of today's generation.  
Therefore, when I invited the world's leading cartoonists to participate in the our  project  ART TRIBUTE - they all told me "Yes".
That is why, Adolf Born is very prestigious cultural ambassador of Czech in the cartoon world. More than half a century.
Born celebrate his 85 Anniversary in full health, creative power, fine, in his  (home)studio at work, in the work-profession, which is also his hobby, that's most beautiful what "man - the artist" can meet.
He still looks good, smart, elegant. Of course, keep in shape, full of life energy, although the time is not so much: the work of creative artist. Hero of the year remarked jokingly that in his spare time he does what he likes - the work of the creative artist , graphic designer, illustrator, grapfic, illustrator, cartoon animator - general-universal... 
Icon of Czech culture last half century... 
He is living and works in Capital Prague, with his wife Ema..
 Dear Master Adolf Born - One Hundred Years!

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