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1º Festival Veredas de HUMOR- Sete Lagoas, no Hotel PROMENADE Veredas. Para este evento foi programada as Exposições: “SELETIVA MASTER” onde reune obras de cartunistas convidados e de notório conhecimento publico, nacional e internacional, que são: Alves, Aragão, Bruno Lanza, Capucci Jr, Chantal, Duke, Edu Grosso, Erthal, Genin, Jorge Inácio, Lute, Leite, Paulo Werner, Quinho, Tito Petri. E a “BATOM, LÁPIS & TPM”, oriunda do Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba, 2015, e do desenvolvimento da parceria cultural com a Secretaria da Ação Cultural de Piracicaba – com 72 cartuns, somente de mulheres de 13 países (República Tcheca, Bulgária, Itália, China, Canadá, Russia, Irã, Perú, Espanha, Egito, Romênia) além do Brasil. 

Aguardem! Mias noticias virão sobre o Iº Festival Veredas de Humor que esta previsto para os doze primeiros dias de outubro, com dezenas de eventos de humor em diversos locais da cidade de Sete Lagoas. Queremos envolver toda a comunidade em um projeto que visa alcançar a todos na integração cultural dos vários nichos sociais de nossa região, e também, incentivar, identificar e descobrir talentos nas manifestações culturais que o comporão com a leveza que o humor nos permite para dar continuidade a nossa realidade de dia a dia. O Festival terá como ponto alto o certame, concurso de abrangência internacional que distribuirá mais de 20 mil reais em prêmios para os vencedores das categorias cartum, charge e caricatura.

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Toons mag - Worlds First Online Cartoon Magazine


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16° edition of Spirito di Vino, an international competition

Dear friends,

we are pleased to send you the regulations of the
 16° edition of Spirito di Vino, an international competition for artists of satirical cartoons concerning the world andculture of wine.
As last year, the competition will be made of
 two groups of cartoonists: the first group will be made of artists from 18 to 35 years old and the second one of artists older than 36 years (take a look at  the Regulations).

All cartoonists can send their artworks by 31th August 2015:
·  by email to
·  or to the following mail address
Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia
Via del Partidor 7
33100 Udine
With the artworks, you have to enclose the enrolment form (see Regulations) filled with

Born in
Date of birth
Tel / Fax
Postcode / Zip / City
State / Province
Title of the artwork and brief comment

Cartoons should not exceed the dimensions of 30x40 cm in vertical. Each artist could send maximum 3 cartoons. The artworks may be in black and white or colour and may be drawn using any technique.

 award ceremony will take place on Saturday 12th September 2015 in Udineduring Friuli DOC (traditional early autumn festival with the best of the region's food, wine and typical products).

 jury will be composed of the famous cartoonists Giorgio Forattini, Emilio Giannelli, Alfio Krancic and Valerio Marini, and other leading figures from the world of satire and journalism.

We would be very glad if you could help us by passing the word about our initiative.

Looking forward to receiving your works, we thank you very much for your help!
Best regards,
Tha staff

Movimento Turismo del Vino
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Via del Partidor, 7
33100 Udine - Italy

“I LIKE LET YOUR SHOES IN THE ASS IDIOT” original book illustrated by famous cartoonist Lubomir Vaněk, from Moravia (Czech republik).

Miloš Zeman Czech president (former Premier minister) is famous his orginal humor and witticisms.
And Lubomír Vaněk, excellent cartoonist (from city Brno, Moravia) is master of portrait cartoon. 
According Cartoon Asocion C.R.N. belong a famous cartoonist Lubomir Vaněk) among 101 the world´s great Master - portrait cartoonists (2007). 

(He is also recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest caricaturist in the world)
Together both - Lubomir VANĚK (cartoonist) - Anton KOLENATY (assembler) established successful book -  I Like let your shoes in the ass idiot (popular, reading, sold, bestseller).

Selected "political" sallies - witticism of Milos Zeman from Czech newspaper and magazines, with cartoon illustration on 111 pages).

Friday, June 19, 2015


> The Outstanding Colombian caricaturist born in Rionegro - Antioquia
> (1894-1931), call "The Emperor" of the Cartoon. One of the most
> penetrating and fine Latin American humorists in the XX century, in
> their work the humor was satire, it was characterized especially by
> the political cartoon. Their cartoons were true x-rays of the facts
> and of the individuals. It was pioneer of the graphic publicity in
> Colombia.


> The Festival is an event sponsored by the municipal administration of
> Rionegro during twenty one serial years in memory of Ricardo Rendón
> Bravo.
> The Festival, only in the history of the country for their trajectory
> and continuity; he has allowed to look at the perception of authors of
> but of 90 countries, main characters of the changes and experiences of
> the towns that contribute to the humanity's growth with the same
> humour. The laughing thought and its universal language, caricature is
> the most effective weapon against the thought that does not laugh.
> It is a dream and an universal yearning to erase frontiers so
> territorial as ideological that prevent us to live in harmony and to
> visualize the light of the freedom as principle of peace and
> coexistence.


> 1) The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world.
> 2) The deadline for entries is September 5 (Saturday) – 2015
> 3) The themes of the competition are Three:

> of UNESCO, the United Nations General Assembly meeting in May 2013,
> declared 2015 as the International Year of Light and technologies
> based on it (2015 - The International Year of Light and the
> Light-based Technologies).
> 2. PERSONALITIES : Scientists: Abu Hasan Ibn Al Haytam (Alhazen),
> Augustin–Jean Fresnel, James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein, Charles
> Kao.
> 3. FREE.

> 4) Each participant can present in the competition a maximum of Three
> cartoons for theme.
> 5) You can participate with cartoons in white and black or in color.
> 6) The size of cartoons will not exceed 30 x 40 cms maximum.
> 7) You can also participate in the competition with cartoons that have
> already been published or rewarded previously, all the presented
> cartoons will be original. Photographs, photocopies etc, will not be
> accepted, and the transport of the cartoons in charge of the
> participant.
> 8) Participants are requested to send, together with their cartoons, a
> short curriculum vitae and a photograph.

> 9) In the reverse of each cartoon he/she should go the name, surname,
> address, telephone number and country of origin of the participant.
> 10) The selected Caricaturist will receive free a catalogue.
> 11) The jury composed of Colombian and foreign cartoonists.
> 12) The results will be announced in the month of October of 2015.
> 13) The cartoons presented in the competition won't be returned, which
> will be part of the future National Museum of Caricature of Rionegro,
> in accordance with the representative of Cartoonrendon.
> 14) By filling in the entrance form attached, the participant declares
> and accepts in advance that (s)he has turned over the financial rights
> (s)he holds over the cartoon or cartoons vis-à-vis the public to
> Cartoonrendon without limitation on location, time period and number
> the intellectual property all rights for publication.(S)he agrees that
> Cartoonrendon may use such cartoons, exhibit them, keep them in its
> archives and publish them on the internet or through other media. With
> the actual delivery of the request for participation is considered
> delegates these rights to Cartoonrendon and / or his representative.
> 15) The organization is reserved the right of exhibiting those works
> that he/she understands they can attempt against individual or
> collective rights.
> 16) The Participation in the competition supposes the entire
> acceptance and without reservations all the conditions.

> THE PRIZES : (Awards are subject to taxation according to colombian
> tax regulation).

> 1) Grand Prix RENDON Theme The LIGHT, and Technology based on the
> Light - US 2.500
> 2) Prize COOSERVUNAL Theme THE LIGHT - US 1.000
> 5) Special Prizes offered by various institutions.


> The works should be sent to:
> Fernando Pica / Casa Cultural Cll 48 # 50 - 36 Rionegro, Antioquia COLOMBIA

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Exposição de Cartoon "Liberdade - Mostra de trabalhos da IV Bienal de Humor Luiz d'Oliveira Guimarães - Penela" patenta ao público na Assembleia da República - Palácio de S. Bento de Lisboa (antigo refeitório dos Monges) prolongará a sua permanência ao público até ao dia 28 de Junho

Cartaz de Agim Sulaj. 
Organização Câmara Municipal de Penela, Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal e Assembleia da República.
Produção: Humorgrafe

Comemoração da criação de Zé Povinho 20 de Junho no Museu Bordalo Pinheiro de Lisboa

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro desenhou pela primeira vez a figura de Zé Povinho no seu
jornal A Lanterna Mágica de 12 de Junho de 1875, num cartoon alusivo às Festas de
Santo António.
Uma vez que o dia 12 é véspera de Santo António, o Museu Bordalo Pinheiro celebra a
mais genial criação de Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro a 20 de junho, sábado, com um
conjunto de actividades que animarão o Museu ao longo do dia.

Às 11 da manhã vamos abrir a Feira do Livro de Poesia e Banda Desenhada,
organizada por Inês Ramos, onde pode encontrar os mais recentes publicações de
autores portugueses.

Às 11.30 começa o atelier construção de um taumatrópio – um dos mais antigos
aparelhos de pré cinema - integrado na exposição de imagem em movimento, pela

Os azulejos de inspiração bordaliana feitos pelos alunos de artes visuais do colégio de
Santa Doroteia vão ser apresentados às 13 horas pelo seu professor, Mário Linhares.

Penim Loureiro vai dar uma sessão especial do seu curso de Banda Desenhada
dedicado ao desenho digital na BD, a partir das 14 horas (inscrição obrigatória).

Às 17 horas teremos Fanzines à Conversa com Geraldes Lino, Inês Ramos e alguns
autores de fanzines.

No âmbito da exposição “Vivinha a Saltar, a Varina na obra de Bordalo”, às 19 horas o
grupo de Teatro dos Serviços Sociais da CML vai apresentar a peça Confissões de uma
Varina, depois do sucesso da sua apresentação no Museu de Lisboa.
Entretanto, ao longo do dia teremos várias aparições do próprio Zé Povinho,
nomeadamente para provar a cerveja Bordallo, às 18 horas.
Contamos consigo!
Mais informações: ou 21 8170671

“Estórias Nazarenas – Se não é verdadeiro… ‘tá bem caçado”, de Júlio Murraças é apresentado amanha na Galeria Municipal Artur Bual da Amadora

Na próxima quinta-feira (dia 18 de junho), pelas 18 horas, a Galeria Municipal Artur Bual é o cenário para a apresentação do livro “Estórias Nazarenas – Se não é verdadeiro… ‘tá bem caçado”, de Júlio Murraças.
Júlio Murraças, nazareno de alma e coração, apesar de residente na Amadora durante grande parte da sua vida, recorre às memórias da sua juventude para uma compilação de pequenas estórias da terra natal, que foram passando por várias gerações, com base na oralidade.
As estórias reunidas no livro são contadas num estilo literariamente livre e de uma forma despretensiosa. Na sua maioria, refletem um lado irónico e sarcástico do humor e de um certo estar dos nazarenos.

O livro conta com a participação do cartoonista Zé Oliveira que fez diversas ilustrações.

Na ocasião, haverá um momento musical com Guto Pires, cantor e compositor guineense.

The 3rd International Caricature Art Competition CHINA 2015

1. The Competition is open to all artist -- Caricaturist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Printmaker and Painter around world regardless of nationality, age, sex, etc.
A)Caricature:  Any form of portraits about Dachuan Xia 
B)Article:  If you've ever seen him,you can write a little article, about funny anecdotes between you and him; Or your evaluation and impression of him; Or  you have there  comments about his cartoon.
3. The maximum 7 entries .
4. The maximum size of the works 150 × 150 cm
5. Technique and medium of works are unlimited. Any painting, Print making, Traditional Chinese Painting, Oil painting, Watercolor, Crafts art will be accepted.
6. Author's resume and photo should be submitted with entries together. 
7. Deadline:  July 15 , 2015.
8. The jury meeting will be held on August, 2015.
9. PRIZES(The competition is not set bonuses):
Excellent prize :  (10) : Medal + Catalog
Selected :  Catalog
10. The authors whose works has been selected will receive a copy of the catalog made for competition.
11.Explicitly participators have whole copyright for their entries, of course Host unit may use some works on web site and other media for spreading competition and artists.
12. Participation in the contest means the complete acceptance of all the above conditions and agreements with jury's decision.
13. You can choose one way:
A. E-mail to:
No.50,Guang Hua Road,CHAO YANG QU, 
14. Web site : 

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Humor de Pedro Molina

Friday, June 05, 2015


The International jury will make a selection out of submitted cartoons which is to be exhibited and published in the Salon’s catalog. Besides, the following prices are to be awarded:
The Grand Prix «The Peace Messanger» and 1.500 euros prize is to be awarded by the International Association of Peace Messanger Cities 
The Gold Plague and 1.000 euros prize 
The Silver Plague and 800 euros prize 
The Bronze Plague and 500 euros prize 
The Mayor of Bydgoszcz (Poland) Award, amounts 750 euros 
The City of Ingolstadt (Germany) Award, amounts 500 euros 
The City of Bielsko-Biala (Poland) Award, amounts 500 euros 
The City of Suresnes (France) Award, amounts 500 euros 
The City of Pitesti (Romania) Award, amounts 500 euros 
The City of Carrara (Italy) Award, amounts 500 euros 
The prize fund is 7.050 euros in total.

The Jury might additionally award several diplomas to close contenders.
Cartoonists and fine artists from all over the world have the right to participate. They should submit at most three (3) cartoons, which have not been awarded by any other international competition, on the subjects of antiwar as well as solidarity between people and nations. The artworks should be utmost A4-A3 formated, while art technique is at the artist’s choice, including electronical version of the cartoon with the original signature. On the back of the artwork there should be written data on the artist (such as: name, surname, address, phone/fax, e-mail).
Every selected entrant will receive free catalogue.
The submission deadline is September 11, 2015. The jury session is to be held on September 12-13, 2015.
The cartoons are to be sent to the following address:

Spomen park «Kragujevacki oktobar»,
Desankin venac bb, 34000 Kragujevac,

or via e-mail:

Submitted artworks are not to be returned, they remain in the Salon’s collection.

NOTE: The International Antiwar Cartoon Salon had so far the strongest international promotion and afirmation. On the occasion of the award ceremony the prizes were handed over and the exhibition was opened in Kragujevac.
Afterwards, the Salon exhibition displays in many cities and international organizations all over the world. The Salon exhibition was displayed at the United Nations Palace in New York, in the European Commission Charlemagne building showroom. Then, the chosen artworks at the 17th Salon were exhibited in Kragujevac, polish cities of Oswiecim (Auschwitz), Bidgoszcz, Plonsk, Wielun, Torun, Pitesti (Romania), Ingolstadt (Germany) and New Haven (USA).
Again, the Salon has got the invitation to set the show in Novi Pazar (Sebia), Suresnes (France) and Carrara (Italy).
Miodrag Stojilovic
Director of the Salon of antiwar cartoon

Thursday, June 04, 2015

"Sorrisi dal mondo" international Festival of Economy in Trento, Italy

First place: Agim Sulaj – Italia

Second place: Luc Descheemaeker – Belgio

Third place: Mario Bochicchio - Italia

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