Tuesday, June 23, 2015

“I LIKE LET YOUR SHOES IN THE ASS IDIOT” original book illustrated by famous cartoonist Lubomir Vaněk, from Moravia (Czech republik).

Miloš Zeman Czech president (former Premier minister) is famous his orginal humor and witticisms.
And Lubomír Vaněk, excellent cartoonist (from city Brno, Moravia) is master of portrait cartoon. 
According Cartoon Asocion C.R.N. belong a famous cartoonist Lubomir Vaněk) among 101 the world´s great Master - portrait cartoonists (2007). 

(He is also recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest caricaturist in the world)
Together both - Lubomir VANĚK (cartoonist) - Anton KOLENATY (assembler) established successful book -  I Like let your shoes in the ass idiot (popular, reading, sold, bestseller).

Selected "political" sallies - witticism of Milos Zeman from Czech newspaper and magazines, with cartoon illustration on 111 pages).

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