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Entrevista a Pavel Kundera - by Peter Závacký:

Parents taught me to walk straight paths

In June (seventeenth) celebrated his next beautiful a life jubilee - seventieth - a leading and well-known czek cartoonist Pavel Kundera. Full of youthful enthusiasm and creative forces celebrated his birtday in town Kromeriz, where he lives and works. To take stock of his work is still not ready, or it does not have time. They say balance is useful only when no longer to offer their fans ...

A native of "hatchery Czech artists' from town Uherske Hradiste are subscribed to the entire active life of a rare and challenging profession " teacher ". He teacher students of mathematic, art education, drawing and physical education at elementary schools, r, chemistry and education work in special primary schools, special schools...
Relaxation in a busy teaching profession, he was drawing cartoons and funny portrait images that became his great lifelong hobby. Thanks to his work in the Czech Republic he created a rare chronicle of familiar faces smile, counting the thousands of known athletes, actors, singers and politicians - the message of their art to younger generations, let us at least singer Bila and Urbanova, acter Vlasto Burian,football players Masopust, Kvašňák, ice hockey player Vladimir Zabransky, Vaclav Nedomanského, tennis player Ivan Lend, politics Zeman and Klaus, as well as foreign faces - as Queen Elizabeth, actress Marilyn Monroe, Lino Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or slovak TV presenter the most pretty Natalia Žembová. .. It belongs to the representatives of the popular, now highly valued rare classic portrait caricatures - which is portrayed an exaggerated face, with highlighted and attractive for the viewer happy "defects" face, usually portrayed in profile, with minibody, by appropriate attributes tell supporting the activities of its owner . Sure, lightweight and easy clean distinctive contour line, draw excellent, routine and perfectly crafted, without crosshatching and targeted form of perfect style portrayed in amusing exaggeration, comic without signs.
Enchanted impressive cartoon made famous athletes unbeaten Yugoslavs Rudi Stipkovič discovered in the weekly sports magazine, tried to emulate their success on the faces of "victims" of the board of friends to finally have the ripe old age of almost fifty finally took courage, and 1987 sen his works to competition EMIL (named after the famous athlet Emil Zátopek - winner of OG) in the magazine Praguer magazine Stadion, since there was no lack of well-known sports drawings in newspapers and magazines as Československý sport, Hokej, Rovnost, Kocurkovo (Slovakia), to magazines Kronos (Italy) and Nosorog (Serbia).
His face foreign "victims" were created from the available photos, photo material from different account, where the dominant effort the author has always been to make plausible the parable of the wearer. Conversely, the most skarikovaným Czech personalities has a unique relationship - and not only his external appearance and likeness, but also the internal form - the nature and character personalities - also the image of his soul, and because it is not only the lifeless form, though art choose clean lines and easy face are easy, natural and sincere, without mincing gestures and grimaces. Simple - great ... With rare jubilees about his work and work in the genre portrait caricature talk with avel Kundera our corespondent our newsletter Pozitivní noviny - Peter Závacký from Bratislava.
Do you know, after whom you inherited your artistic talent?
I do not know, but my father knew how to draw well.
And how did you get the cartoon?
Like I drew some funny pictures just for friends and company for holidays and birthdays, etc..
Why did you choose the right cartoon?
 I did not choose her. It simply draws.
How do you explain that you started to draw up so late for newspapers and magazines?
I do not know. From the magazine Stadion (Prague) I learned about the competition in sports cartoon humor - named EMIL (named after Emil Zátopek). So I sent, to the competition my first works in about 1987. There I finally met a lot of interesting people with similar interests and I remained among them today.
Still remember when and where you publish the first drawing?
The first drawing I just published in magazine Stadion to which I then drew on and on.

Where can still give excellent to see your artwork?
Československý sport, Hokej, Rovnost, Kocurkovo (Slovakia), to magazines Kronos (Italy) and Nosorog (Serbia).

As you face the people most attracted to? What they like best facial you choose? What do you want your drawing viewers to say?
Just like some people fall to their interesting appearance, or what they do. Strives to form always a little relieved, so that the viewer is perceived differently than it knows.
Why is among most athletes? And mainly ice hockey?
I actively engaged in more sports, especially at the then Institute of Education Gottwald, Zlin today. There it was mainly athletics and ice hockey. I played one of his 12 years. . Last time I played more with veterans in Zlín in fifty-five years. Eleven years I also coached hockey, especially teenagers in Koryčany. Almost 20 years I also played tennis. Or to keep out of cartoons known and beautiful women - at least to name the actress Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth, Slovakian television presenter Natalia Žembovú or singer Lucie Bila and Eva Urbanova ... But I tell you, I hate I draw singer, actress. They are so nice that even draw a cartoon is not. In addition, when odmaskují, it is not even really know, right ... What is your art techniques in drawing kariportrétu sweetest? I draw prefers colored line drawings. On the face of those who have been draw, you are most proud of? The pride can not be said. I'm satisfied with every face that somehow appeals to the viewer. Do you have your definition of portrait caricature? I do not. Should not talk anything about the man that draws, your relationship with him - and if you know him well, as well as his relationship with you. What do you think is a good cartoon portrait? So, as I said. Moreover, it would be understandable and should be concerned at least to know it. Just as the viewer should know about who they are. It should be observed and a certain degree of taste. And who is good kariportretista? It's anyone whose caricature somehow attracts people. Did you model when you started with cartoon?

Rudi Stipovič clearly cartoonist from the former Yugoslavia. Do you have a face that you've nenakreslili, either out of respect for its owner, or simply because they have occurred at a good time? No. Have you, therefore, certainly a lot most famous athletes. At that meeting with them and face always like to remember?
I met with a number of prominent hockey players. For all I would like to nominate Vasek Nedomanského against which I played in the junior years and we have also played together in junior trojutkání Bohemia - Moravia - Slovakia in 1958 in Bratislava. Mirek Dvorak and the Veterans, which has us trained in Kromeriz. You have not fulfilled their artistic dreams? I do not live the dream, I take life with everything that brings carrying, and are struggling to respond adequately. I like dreaming, usually brings disappointment. In his drawings have won awards in competitions both at home chintz, but also worldwide. Tell us which of them you appreciate most? I highly appreciate the first place in international competition in Sternberg, two silver plaques from international competition in sports humor of the Italian Ancona, evaluation of the best cartoon Chinese Peking and honorable mentions from the Brazilian Piracicaba cartoon portrait, also from Korea and Turkey. What you have hobbies other than drawing? That would be a separate chapter is long enough. There's a lot. So just a few. Sports, especially hockey, and now land, because it plays a granddaughter, Sofia, badges, coins, medals, autographs, stamps, good movies, theater, historical literature, tourism, monuments, gardens, nature, photography, etc. etc. Continual seeking for free time ... We are also fairly old house, where you can still do something from morning till evening. Also he wants a large garden ... You have your art and life credo? I come from Moravian Slovakia, and there parents taught us to walk the deep cestičkama. I try to walk by them constantly.
Thank you for the interview and wish you health and especially a lot of new creative successes.

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