Thursday, May 26, 2011

Judgement day 2011

Dear family, friends and colleagues,
dark clouds are gathering together direction the upcoming Judgement day on the 21th of October of this year. Exactly one week after my 57th birthday. God will rise again and will separate the good from the bad. The last ones will be send to hell.
My wife and I decided to try to survive the upcoming disasters. That is why I am re-designing and re-building the arc of Noah to try to save me and my beloved ones. Wish me luck.
If you have any good advice, philosophic thought or any creative, artistic, technical help or idea during this process I am in, feel free to send it to my email address
I will collect everything in order of appearance and if we might survive these upcoming storms, flames and waters, I will present the end result to all the good ones who survived also. Any commercial profit will be donated to the victims of this religious fury.
Greetings, good luck and stay alive,
Willem Rasing.

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