Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Video Journalism Movement

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we are currently making the global launch of http://www.vjmovement.com/
The Video Journalism Movement is an ongoing collaboration between a global network of freelance professional video journalists and editorial cartoonists, and you, the public.

Our aim is simple: to provide an internet platform that reconnects the people with the news. At a time when the mainstream media is still struggling to reconcile 'free' news access with ever declining standards, we're leading the way by proposing an innovative, alternative news model, but we're relying on you to help shape our agenda.

Through this online space, professional video journalists and editorial cartoonists from every corner of the world can show their truths about issues affecting the lives of real people. The stories we produce are suggested and selected by our members, together with our contributors, and all of our content is professionally produced exclusively for us.

We place no editorial constraints on our worldwide network of professional journalists, and our shareholders have no control over content. In short, providing they abide by our code of ethics, our members are free to say whatever they like.

In addition to our web platform, we run a non-profit foundation which aims to make a positive contribution to international journalism by encouraging and educating journalists worldwide.

We do not publish citizen journalism.
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