Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The International Tribute Exhibition for Michael Jackson

The International Tribute Exhibition for Michael Jackson was an international project which included 38 artists from 17 countries and from all continents. It was organised by Nicoleta Ionescu and Alexandru Ifrim, two young illustrators from Romania.
Thus, gathering around 50 works (portraits and caricatures) the exhibition draws together artistic visions from all continents, in a multicultural stylistic event, unique in the artistic world, nonetheless in tributary events for The King of Pop.
The diversity of the works exhibited comes from the different cultural background of the artists and techniques used, some go for the traditional methods, other go the digital way. The styles vary from watercolors, oil painting to digital, vectors and even manga versions of Michael.
The exhibition was complete with the help Dan Ionescu (architect) and Bogdan Lavric, who put together an interactive video projection.
The initiative has aroused the interest of the spanish website!

This is the first sign that the exhibition may cross romanian borders!
For more infrormations, please visit the official blog of the exhibition:
Thank you,
Nicoleta Ionescu

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