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Á N G E L B O L I G Á N - 50 por Peter Závacký

In this year, CUBA/Mexican painter and cartoonist  Ángel Boligán  Corbo is marking his 50 th birthday (1965). The master of the humorous and satirical art abbreviations was congratulated by many friends, fans and art expert from Cuba, Mexico and worldwide. Cartoonist, known for caricatures of many world leaders, exhibited his works at the cultural centers from Spain, Slovakia, Turkey to Japan. Since the nineties (last century) he lives and works as artist in capital, Mexico.

Slovak cartoon curator Peter Závacký  noted :

- Angel’s work reflects a sincerely love for his native country, its history and traditions. And  at the same time emphasized that the artist jubileer is an outstanding representative of the Cuban school of painting and wished the artist good spirits and health. His drawings are in demand not only in Mexico but worldwide.
- I can boldly say and call - Angel  a “versatile cartoonist”, since his great art works consists of excellent cartoon editorials, remarkable caricatures and also small comic strips of great quality.

Angel is coveted Master now and intelligent

They ask their newspapers and magazines. Gallery for the exhibition (Please, see poster from his last exhibition in Portugal).They were also seen in the Slovak and Czech Republic (Magazín Kocúrkovo, Pozitívni noviny, Gallery in Košice)
Angel, as tribal editor - commentator currently working with the Mexican daily "El Universal" and magazines "Learn More", "El Chamuco", "Conozca Más", Lyfe&Lyfe", "Revista del Consumidor" and others, last time. He is Cartoon Agency Presides Club (well-know as The Club of Latin American caricature).
Fans and experts called the painter a “chronicler of today - our time” and noted Boligan’s gift for portraying the “atmosphere of historical events and the strength of national character.”

Sheen and misery of our world today 

Angel, one of the greatest representatives of intelligent humor today. Popular cartoon gave a new face - attractive. A new graphically level. High quality. He increased artistic level of cartoon and gave him a graphic culture, he earned a well-deserved success. That is way, merit, why he won prizes, worldwide. Together over one hundred and thirty Grand prizes and Awards in international events. 
He is also an excellent portraitist. The Great Master minimization. While maintaining  perfect similarity and inner character.
And not only portraitist. 

When the freedom to leave, as the first packed suitcases humor his faithful friend detachment.

He is also a great cartoonist (journalist - commentator art - without words) out of series with its wide and diverse workforce, characterized by an exquisite drawing, use accurate color, no text, without words, addressing all burning issues of civilization as pollution, dangerous religion and its abuse, wide political and economic corruption, consumerism and other multiple aspects, given its condition of constant and keen (on keen) observer of human psychology, the economic contradictions and social conflicts that exist in the universe, mamonism and pathological avarice, drug trafficking, concealed and public (arrogant), sedentary, lazy and motionless, lifestyle, poverty and hunger, sheen and misery of our world today - of globalization, new world colonization in the universe, inhuman and senseless wars, for archieve of world domination, extensive child abuse, inhuman new technologies, deliberately and purposefully  demagogue television, for the purpose of brainwashing.  Sheen and misery of our world today - cynicism and hypocrisy...

En defesa del amor
Itself elect - of the word - are there for us, not we for them.

Peter Závacký tell : - Early, we agreed on it - and unanimously - with my friends - internationally known and respected "art expert and leading cartoon senior writer ambiente Francisco Puñal Suárez from Spain, with world-famous pedagogue and Editor of BOSTOONthemag - Humor International - Cuban Mario Barros from Florida, with long time "Editor in Art Chief" (34 years) of legendary "Slovak cartoon magazine ROHÁČ  (in Engish - Stag beetle) Milan Vavro"  as well as Jiří Daniel  - last "Editor in Art Chief" of legendary "Czech cartoon weekly magazine DIKOBRAZ (in English - Porcupine) and also with internationally known and respected painter and caricaturist Vladimir Motchalov from Moscow (regular Academic of Russian Academy of Art), "Editor in Art Chief" of legendary "Russian cartoon magazine "KROKODIL" (Crokodile), during his last summer visit in the capital Bratislava:

 Yes! Cartoonist Ángel Boligán belongs to the 21th Century.

We'll show yet:  Ángel Boligán believes - nature's most perfect art work. His lifestyle and  hobby is natur, natur, natur,... He gets out into nature. Stay and relax in nature without the phone, watch, cigarette and lighter, mindless fun... Coexistence with nature (and protection) is necessary not only for artists but also all people.

Curriculum vitae : Ángel Boligán - as born in born in 1960, in San Antonio de los Baños, La Habana, Cuba. Both  his parents are living in capital La Habana. He graduated from the Art School in La Habana. Only in age 14 years he had his first personal art exhibition of caricatures. These themes, cartoon and portraits (ridiculous face, humorous forms celebrities) - directly one line, continued to play a prominent role throughout his successful artistic career. Since 1987  that his talent has begun to conquer the world - he participated in major international exhibitions, winning dozens prestigious awards all around the world.

Bratislava 2015

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