Monday, June 20, 2011

“The Joy and Cartoon Museum” - Izmir

As the Municipality of Konak, in Izmir (Turkey), one of the Mediterranean’s oldest cities, we are establishing a museum named "The Joy and Cartoon Museum". The Municipality of Konak, has been working on making the pearl of the Mediterranean, Izmir, the city of museums. After "The Game and Toy Museum", Turkey's first "Mask Museum" has opened in recent months. The work for “The Joy and Cartoon Museum”, which is the third museum that the Municipality of Konak is going to bring in Izmir has been continuing for one year. We would be pleased to see you in the opening exhibition of our museum that will be opened on November 15th, 2011. It would also embolden us on behalf of the cartoon world.
Best regards,
Mayor of Konak, Dr. Hakan Tartan
ekBoard of The Museum of Joy and Cartoon: Dilek Maktal Canko, Tan Oral, Turgut Çeviker, Eray Özbek

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