Saturday, March 25, 2017

FaceMi Humor Cartoon Exhibition (04,2017)

A) Cartoon Section: Better Internet, Better Life
(Computer,Mobile Phone,WiFi,Robot,Tablet PC,Unmanned Plane,Network Shopping,Games,etc.)
B) CaricatureSection: World Internet Leader:
Steve Jobs,Bill Gates,Tim Cook,Mark Zuckerberg,Larry Page,Elon Musk,Jeff Bezos,Eric Schmidt,etc.
Chinese Internet Leader:
Ma Yun(Jack Ma):Founder and Chairman of Alibaba Group
Liu Chuanzhi:Founder of Lenovo
Wang Jianlin:Founder and Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group
Ren Zhengfei:Founder and President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Ma Huateng:Founder and Chairman of Tencent
Li Yanhong:Founder and Chairman of Baidu Inc
Dong Mingzhu:President of Gree Electric
Lei Jun:Founder and Chairman of Xiaomi Inc
Liu Qiangdong:Founder and CEO of
Jia Yueting:Founder and CEO of LETV
2,Deadline: April 5, 2017
3,PC Entries:
1) Size: Min:A4(210mmx297mm), Max:A3(297mmx420mm).Vertical figure, not horizontal figure.
2) Quantity: Unlimited .
3) Please send digital original drawings to this contest. Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted.
4) Participants are requested to send together with their cartoons, an entry-form with digital signature, a photograph or caricature. The form can be downloaded at FreeCartoonsWeb.
5) Titles or entry-form must be filled out in understandable English or Chinese.
6) All cartoonists can participate in festival through your own E-mail by submitting your cartoons to:
Format:JPEG Size:max.4M per cartoon Resolution ratio:200dpi-300dpi
7) The excellent cartoons will be published in Chinese website,newspaper and magazine.
Excellent Prize (3 works): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF); 
Fans Prize (50 works): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF).
Venue:Shanghai Wujiaochang Circular Plaza,China
Time:April 10-30,2017
6,Facemi Portrait Art Union:
Facebook (@fcwfcwcom)
Search Group: Facemi Portrait Art Union
Twitter (@fcwfcw)
Build Homepage:
E-mail: (Only for Festival)

FaceMi Humor Cartoon Exhibition
Full Name:___________________________________ Photo/ Caricature
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Tel:_________________________________________ Fax:____________________
Hompage: _____________________________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________________
Cartoon Quantity__________________________
Title: 1____________2____________3_____________4____________5___________
6____________7___________8____________9___________ 10___________
Caricature Quantity__________________________
Title: 1____________2____________3_____________4____________5___________
6____________7___________8____________9___________ 10___________


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