Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The 13th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2017

T h e m e s: 
Cartoon Section: F R E E ( funny) 
Caricature Section: SYRIAN CARTOONIST : Momtaz Albahra 
"Momtaz Al-Bahra" Syrian painter and cartoonist born in 1938, studied fine arts in Cairo university then moved to Damascus where he published a lot of his drawings in the Syrian journals and magazines, then he quit cartoon "Karikatur" during early 80s... "Al-Bahra" is considered as one of the most outstanding painters of the "children's literature" in Syria, he has pioneer contributions to the history of the Syrian contemporary Artistic Movement as an immortal pioneer Artist. 

Note: Each participant can send maximum 2 artworks 

A4, 200 dpi, JPG/JPEG and free techniques. 
• Deadline: 25 /2 / 2017 
Syria Cartoon website present
The 13th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2017



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