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Interview - Tatjana Debeljački vs. Aziz Yavuzdoğan Turkey January 2017

Can you tell us something about your hometown and growing up?
At first everyone gives a sentimental answer to  this kind of a question and  I cannot answer it in a different way.Everyone is aware of the facts of his hometown. Especially if you are an artist who can view the facts objectively ,you express your cricital ideas through your work. If you are a cartoonist you will definitely need no words , if not a few. What I mean is I am faithfull to my country like everyone.
When did you publish your first book and how did the success follow later?
I published my first book in 2006. That book included   funny men-women  drawings  and  it was printed in two series for two years. Later I published five cartoon books and a book of my poems. I should say that my books did not have much effect on my success in my career.
"The international humor magazine Fenamizah is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year "?
Fenamizah is a digital magazine and it is on line every month  since 2012 Yes it has been five years. It is in its sixth year.
Dogan cartoon 8th personal exibition?
Yes I had eight  personal cartoon exhibitions and   my cartoons were in quite a lot of mixed exhibitions.
Director cartoonist publishes books, book covers, catalogs, brochures and design magazine cartoons in humor magazines?
I am a cartoonist, graphic illustrator and a publisher as well. I  did picture drawings, book covers , worked as  an art director in several newspapers and magazines. It is a long story. Since I got retired I have been working   as a publisher. I published two different literature magazines. They were not digital. But unfortunately  literature magazines do not last long  in Turkey.
With the reader who is also a poet, such effects can generate and offer fresh experiences of the?
I am a cartoonist. Yes,  I like literature. I have tried poems and short texts. There are people who find my works successful bu I cannot say  I am a professional  writer or poet.
What can you tell us about your work, prizes, journeys and friendships?
I spent 5 years of my professional life in Northern Cyprus . I worked in the first coloured  daily newspaper as  the art director and the assistant publisher. I  sent works to very few international cartoon contests. I do not find these contests interesting and I think the awards are given  according to some private  relationships.
“Poetry is a thing that emerges upwards out of silence.” ?
This is a very good expression.  Who is the owner of the saying? I like it .It definitely expresses my feelings. I prefer short poems and  aphorisms.
What are your plans for the future creative work?
I have no plans .I like the naturel flow of life. İnstead of making plans I prefer  having principals and working according to my own discipline.
Do you think you have outwitted the expectations?
You might think that I have given contrary answers  but I have never had expectations in any subjects. You might ask if my efforts met my needs I can definitely say they were not financially satisfactory but  I do not care much about it. I value moral satisfaction more.
How do you manage all that with so much work that you do? Do you have time for yourself?
Fenamizah is a monthly magazine and I prepare a weekly  humour magazine for a local newspaper .I also give lessons to young cartoonists  in a youth center of the municipality  twice a week . Here is the answer to your question.
Is there anything that you could pinpoint and tell us about yourself between dreams and reality?
İt is a mystic question. I like it but it has quite a long answer and you may find it surprising I would like to emphasize specifically. friendship with Hadzialic in the morning. And thanks to him.when you hear it from a humorist. Shortly, dreams and reality are both places I regularly go and test.
Have you achieved everything you have ever wanted to and if you could live your life again would you be an artist again?
I believe I am the same person in this world as I was in where I came from.  Life in this world is not a surprise for me . Just as it is  my life after this world  will be the same in another dimension and another form. What I want to reach is goodness and beauty which means love.
Is there anything you would like to say that you think is important and that I haven’t asked you ?
I would like to say this as my last words.As  human beings we waste  time with  empty, dry prayers, wishes which will end with absolute disappointment.In fact , whatever men want  to achieve , they  should fight  to reach it, and the most important thing is not to hurry. Patience is very important. Thank you very much for the interview. I wish goodness and beauty for everyone  all over the world. And I hope to cooperate with DIOGEN pro culture magazine. We have a good friendship with Sabahudin Hadžialić. I send my greetings and thanks to him, too.
Aziz, thank-you! It was a great pleasure talking to you and you are always welcome to our house “DIOGEN pro culture” magazine.

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