Thursday, December 15, 2016


The organizer of IX International caricature contest is the International magazine for satire, humor and cartoons “Nosorog” (“Rhinocervs”; ; The contest is opened for professional or amateur cartoonists, from any country, any nationality, age, sex, or profession.
The World's best Painters!
Subtopics, subtheme:
The most famous paintings!

First Prize: 300 euros + Diploma
Second Prize: Diploma
Third Prize: Diploma
(First, Second and Third Prize will be from category THEME !)
Five + Five ( 5 + 5 ) Special Diplomas ( for Theme and Sub-Theme )
Conditions of entry:
1. Technique: Any technique will be accepted
2. IMPORTANT: Please, write for each caricature which painter you present! Also, if you present famous paintings, please, write which one is presented.
3. Entries: maximum 7 entries will be submitted, in Theme, and 7 entries in Sub-Theme ( 7 + 7 )
4. Size of entries: A4, A3 format
5. Send your name, surname, address, country and the e-mail.
6. You may send by post or by E-mail
7. E-mail for sending art-work: 
8. Note: 300 dpi resolution; JPG, JPEG format
9. If you send by post, address is:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
10. Note: Please, do not send originals, because we will not send you back!
Entry deadline is the December 25th 2016. 

(Please write on envelope: PRINTED MATTER - NO VALUE !)
12. EXHIBITION: The exhibition will take place in the gallery of the National Library of Republika Srpska, city Banja Luka
13 - IMPORTANT NOTE - 1: In the event that the State, from which the awarded artist is, under international sanctions, the organizer is not liable if it cannot deliver the prize!
14 – IMPORTANT NOTE – 2: The Organizer of this Cartoon Competition has permanent troubles to deliver diploma or money-prize, if winner is from Iran! The Organizer is not responsible for that.
15. Note: Sender must be author of caricatures!
16. Jury members:
Mrs. Irina Iosip, visual artist, painter, cartoonist and Editor of "Salt and Pepper" magazine - Romania
Mrs. Leila Alaiy, professor of art, Tabriz Cartoon – Iran
Mrs. Svetlana Ceca Krstich (Krstić), painter - Serbia
Mr. Aleksandar Blatnik, painter, cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko Kosanovich (Kosanović), cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko Mihajlovich (Mihajlović), painter, cartoonist – Serbia
Mr. Branislav Boskovich (Bošković), painter - Serbia
Mr. Miladin Berich (Berić), Editor in “Nosorog” Magazine - Serbs Republic /BA
Mr. Goran Kljajich, Editor in “Nosorog” Magazine ("Rhinoceros") - Republika Srpska
We wish a good art-work and successful participation to everyone. 
International magazine for satire, cartoon and caricature “Nosorog” (“Rhinocervs”)
City Banja Luka
Republika Srpska
Balkan, Europe 

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