Friday, May 13, 2016

International Cartoon Contest of Anti-corruption . Beijiing 2016

Statute of International Cartoon Contest of Anti-corruption
1.Introduction International Cartoon Contest of Anti-corruption propagandize “ the « United Nations Convention against Corruption”, “Beijing Declaration against Corruption” adopted in the 26th session of ministerial meeting of APEC and “Code of Ethics of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee ”by cartoon.
2.Purposes of the contest - Anti-corruption, advocating honesty, humor, green, face to future
3.Themes of the contest
a. Anti-corruption: corruption of embezzlement, corruption of fatuity, corruption of rot, corruption of laziness, corruption of obsession…
b.Advocating honesty: honest government, honest and clean, honest, clean, credibility, observance of law, cultivation of ethics, frugal, green, justice, sun…
4.Requirements of the contest
The cartoons for the contest cannot contain the content of political prejudices, religious heresy, racial discrimination, obscenity, violence and so on. The cartoons for the contest should be original works, the painter will be responsible if happening of the plagiarism and infringement.
5.Organizations of the contest
a. Organizer: China Literature and Art Foundation
b. Organization and implementation: International Cartoon Contest of Anti-corruption organizing committee (in preparation)
c. Operator: Sunshine International Special Fund of China Literature and Art Foundation
d. Review of the Contest: The leader, experts and scholars in the field 6.Solicitation scope of the cartoon
Call for cartoons, humorous illustrations and other art works in various genres in face of the world professional and amateur cartoonist, humorist and artist who are interested in humor and cartoons.
7.Solicitation scope of text cartoon creation
Call for various creations and conceptions in face of the world professional and amateur cartoonist, humorist and artist who are interested in humor and cartoons. The organizing committee will invite professional cartoonists to draw out, and add creative awards.
8.Specific content  
a. People  
b. Nature
c. Culture
d. Sports
e. Society
f. History
g. Geography
h. Science and technology
i. Entertainment 
j. Life 
9.Schedule of the contest    
The Time for the Contest     From Oct 1, 2015 to Oct, 1, 2016  10.  About Win Award
The contest is divided into quarterly and overall appraise     
a.Three award-winners are appraised in each quarter and will be awarded 
5,000 respectively. The author can be awarded repeatedly and quarterly result doesn’t affect the overall appraisal.  
b.Overall awards:
Grand prize: 1 person; bonus: 
Gold prize: 2 persons; bonus for each: 
Silver prize: 3 persons; bonus for each: 
Bronze prize: 20 persons; bonus for each: 
Excellent prize: 100 persons; bonus for each: 
Prize for creativity: 50 persons; bonus for each: 
Finalist prize: issue finalist certificate    
The grand prize and the gold, silver and bronze prize are also issued the trophy and the certificate of award.
11. Requirements of contributions
a. Requirements of electronic version: the longest side of the electronic works is not less than 1,000 pixels. The resolution is 300dpi and the format is jpg (color: RGB). The size is no more than 2 megabytes.
b.Requirements of paper manuscript: the sheet of paper works is not smaller than the size of A4 (210mm×297mm). Please stick your entry form to the back of your works, including the title, name, address and detailed contact information.  c.Requirements of attachments: personal introduction, photos and so on (in Chinese and English).  
12. Contact - Post address: No. 22, Anyuan Beili, Chaoyang District, Beijing Sunshine International Special Fund of China Literature and Art Foundation International Cartoon Contest of Anti-corruption organizing committee (in preparation) Post code: 100092 To: Wang Dan
Official Wechat public account: suncartoon2015
Official website:
13. Application of the contest works
a. Exhibition and display- Fine select winners and some entries for exhibitions (domestic and foreign tour);
b. Website online exhibition. Build a large interactive website for China and overseas to display the cartoons on website;
c. Some works can be upgraded to animation.
d. Other forms - Broadcasting, performing, screening and various publications.
International Cartoon Contest of Anti-corruption organizing committee (in preparation)
Address: 2F, Unit 7, Building 1,  Yuanda Road, No 5, Century City Hai Dian District, Beijing, China 邮编Post Code):100097


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