Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dear colleagues; We publish the FENAMiZAH EXTRA for the solidarity with CHARLIE HEBDO.

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Contributed 66 cartoonists from 33 different countries with 100 works! • Thanks to all friends.
Humor will live always!
Best regards.
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Dear friends and colleagues;
We are so sad for the bloody attack made to “Charlie Hebdo” Magazine and for our four colleagues and the other people who passed away during the attack. 
This savagery has been made against the freedom of thought and can’t be accepted. That’s why we accept that the attack had not only made to Charlie Hebdo Magazine; it had been made for all of us and we protest it with violence.
For a world existing more freedom; for a humanity which people lived brotherly, we will continue drawing and produce ideas. For the ones who are afraid of humor will get drowned in their own bloods. 
We damn the terror and the emperialism who supports the terrorism! 
We offer our condolonces to all Charlie Hebdo Magazine workers and to all our colleagues. 
fenamizah magazine
aziz yavuzdoğan
grafik tasarımcı & karikatürist  / graphic designer & cartoonist
yayın yönetmeni  / editor in chief 

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