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Alfredo Sabat - Peter Závacký: There were three wonderful days in Prague

Designer Alfredo Sabat visited over the years to Prague again - this time not in person but only through their interview to our newspaper Although it is an excellent artist and cartoonist thinking, he is considered more as a journalist drawing that pattern, even without words, boldly proclaims what we should not overlook a mishear. His view intensified by three journalism prizes - two prizes ADEP (Argentine Journalists Association) for newspaper editorial cartoon for his Trespuntos (1998) and La Nacion (2007) and also the price of World Press Caroon 2006, from Portugal ... Drawing on his daily newspaper is not easy, Consumption of alcohol. And that does not make it wrong, you can browse through the current comic aphorisms and glosses, as in a newspaper - La Nacion, Trespuntos, Caras y Careta, Barcelona, ​​Playboy (Argentina and USA), as well as printing in Slovakia, Germany and Japan. Although he has the university diploma graphics, continues to educate himself artistically, his school is a visit museums and galleries. And when he sees a painting by Rembrandt or Velasquez or Picasso, still puts the same question "how they did it." Gradually, though more and more reveals the secrets of their brush strokes about which so often passed unnoticed, always has a feeling of great happiness and satisfaction.
Alfredo Sabat (1966), born in Montevideo (Uruguay), lives and works in Buenos Aires. A versatile artist - illustrator and sculptor, is devoted primarily known as a newspaper cartoon genre, like his father, Hermenegildo, or grandparents Hermenegildo, which is very proud of their names are still in Argentina and on the continent their great credit. His now iconic painting "silent tsunami" of La Nacion (in response to human helplessness before the huge tidal waves and courage to party hard water) circulation of the world in 2005, almost the same speed with which the devastating tsunami in the morning 26th December 2004 unexpectedly reached the coast of Southeast Asia. Immediately he pootvorila door into the big world of contemporary chintz. Also took home a clear leadership from the prestigious competition.
World Press Cartoon 2006, a newspaper editorial cartoons in Sintra (Portugal), and without it he sent for the competition. It was his first contest, and participated and won the award.
Artist in the world of chintz in particular recognized kariportrétistom psychoanalytic authors face with a pen, pastel, or oil, celebrities from the worlds of politics, arts and sport. Let us at least some well known names
such as, Rembrandt, Picasso, Lenin, Chaplin, Elizabeth II, Castro, Schwarzenegger Rimbard Arthur, The Beatles, Jagger, Robbie Williams, Bono, Lady Gaga, Christian Fernandez de Kirchner, faces and beauties conferred Marinyl Monroe, Monica Bertollucci, Shakira, Beyonce, Natalia Žembová (only Slovak - from Slovak television presenter). In August and September in Buenos Aires 2011usporiadal not daily show which was a lot of talking and talking. He called it PSIQUE, and introduced her to a series of non-traditional psychoanalytic kariportrétov the world's known founders - Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, Carl Jung as well as some of the most important Argentine specialists ... When Alfredo and his wife Victoria walked in the cool old Prague, October 1998, certainly did not know when that time in Prague in October, Positive newspapers will not only see his artwork "tsunami", but also their original interviews and answers to their own vision of the world cartoon. As confessed Peter Závacký who asked him for an interview, as he would never have been imagined that one day will be on the "tsunami" just like someone from Slovakia.
When you visit Prague in 1998, it was within your stay in any European competition, or was it just your private holiday to the "old continent"?In 1998 I was in Prague on holiday with his wife Victoria, before I started sending cartoons to your competition.
Do you recognize the world like? By the European cities you've visited except Prague?During my many trips to Europe I have visited more countries and cities such as Vienna, Venice, Florence, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, London.
As you remember to visit Prague?It was in October, early autumn, there was still no snow, but it was quite cold. Specifically, the winter was therefore bad. But, they were three pleasant days. We made a wonderful "tour" walk from the Castle down to the Charles Bridge, then the Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square, so we continued on. Very, very nice it was. Old streets and the like. I remember well the National Gallery and its excellent art collection. And modern art ... Picasso cubist self-portrait self-portrait and also douanier Rousseau. Unreal.
Did you even further to Slovakia?No, I only visited the city.
You were born in Uruguay, living in Argentina. It is the difference between life in these countries?Uruguay is a small country, much calmer than Argentina, but lives it passes slowly, the possibilities and conditions for life are quite limited, it is still "small town" in comparison with Argentina. But the political situation there is much more serious. In Uruguay, I was born when my father worked there.
In your name we meet in competitions only from the 2006th Why?You are right, the competitions I have its premiere until 2006. Until then, I just do not compete. Up to now, when I already won several awards, I believe them.
How long have you been drawing caricatures professionally spend?Since 1999, when I was a political glossarist the newspaper "La Nacion". My grandparents were a cartoonist, my father is a cartoonist and I am also a cartoonist. So the cartoon tradition in our family is already the third generation.
Grandfather and your father was a cartoonist from the paternal or maternal?My great-grandfather, paternal, was called Hermenegildo Sabat, like my father. Hermenegildo is a very old Spanish name. He died a year before my father was born. My father and inherited the name and craft of her grandfather and my pradedka.
Even though you grew up in a family of cartoonists, let me be a little bold question - did you have your pattern when you started to draw a caricature?My model, as it is for most children, of course, was my father. Also, his friends and colleagues. Although there was also a lot of other artistic influences as Al Hirschfeld, Mort Drucker, Saul Steinberg, Pablo Picasso, Bacon, Hergé, Philip Burke, and many, many more. It is a cartoon popular in Argentina? Are people today have no interest in cartoons?In Argentina, the cartoon was very popular in the past, is also popular today, but the remaining thirty years of newspaper and media market gradually disappearing ... Many of the satirical magazine that published the cartoons and comic disappeared, and those serióznejších journals and survive, and it is not their not so much a caricature, and comic actually not even find ...
So if you want to work in the newspapers as I have bad luck .. Today you are based humor magazines regularly? Weeklies or monthlies?In the nineties I worked in the editorial "Trespuntos" where I drew caricatures of the best cartoonists I ever knew. Today he works for "Caras y Careta" (Faces and Masks, pozn.autora), which is to restore this famous magazine in the past began to build in 1908, note. Car Rental.) in which once drew even my grandfather ... But today's version of the magazine has very little in common with its predecessor: In addition to many published cartoons as written text is mostly in support of the government and directed against all who disagree with current government ... Although it is one of the last journal, which is now devoted to cartoon ...
According to you, the readers are more interested in humor bubbles - that is, with text or without words?Nowadays, when a cartoon from the newspaper away, still see the humor bubbles and without words. But that the text is much more popular: many do not think about the meaning of drawings, text tells you everything. But the cartoon should only outline the problem and let the reader and viewer, let alone make the conclusion ..
In the world you're primarily known as a master kariportrétu. Do you have your definition of portrait caricature?
Portrait caricature is closer to the psychological study of the model as an example only connection to the visual refresh facial image. If you stay only for demonstration of their ability kresliarskych, so you have the essential and the nature of them to miss. In this case, rather then draw with a vase of flowers and still lifes - not the face. It's a very difficult art genre, there is no formula for it, a lesson or a prescribed schedule, you can not make a catalog of such income and then do the face under it automatically. Everything has to go through the filter of your head - your brain - and then suddenly you find that your thinking and view of things will change and vary every day. So all the notes that "business psychology": psychology is a model and your own psychology is in the middle ....
Why you so attracted to just a human face? What is the magic kariportrétu?
I'm not really sure why I attract so many face. Let me study the character of its wearer's social status, his behavior, but also see how the mystery for me still. Never totally not find what lies behind the face. Perhaps it is the mystery that draws me. So as Sphynx, Mona Lisa, Vermeer "Girl with a Pearl Earring," a self-portrait by Rembrandt, Goya "Family of Carlos IV," Ingres' Monsieur Bertin "... Even portraits Avedon and Diane Arbus are full of secrets. And you really wonder what is going on behind them.
Draw shapes only from pictures, or like to take advantage of the opportunity to draw current well-known live?In most cases, I draw under the photo. We have no choice, I do not know how I could otherwise draw such Marlonda Brando. Even politicians are eager and "not to fall" into my "ofis" that I could draw live. In addition, meetings with them or not seek. Moreover, I do occasionally caricatures of life. I do like very much, but I'm very slow and perhaps even annoying for portraiture.
What do you prefer for their work - published in newspapers and magazines, participation in competitions, publication in newspapers and magazines, exhibition or activity?Editorial artwork, drawing and publishing is my daily bread, even though it is not just any luxury living. Competitions and exhibitions are possible bonus for me. Although the competition itself is no guarantee of financial gain. Either you win or lose, succeed. A show? Also, do not sell anything there. If one takes a second site, the competition will allow you to be well known outside their country, to meet with their foreign counterparts and have more opportunity to visit new countries. In some respects, it is also very important. Through exhibitions and get direct contact with the public and see what they think about your work, and such feedback is also necessary for you.
As you will know when a good cartoon?Good cartoon you get me to research. Should not you just reveal everything, and that's all the reveal. Less is sometimes more. You should use particular head to understand it. I do not like cartoons full of "labels": big bear baranicou with fur, with a star, and the belly badge with the word "Russia" Uncle Sam versus the USA label on the chest. For me it is such a cartoonist, who fears that his cartoon is not understood, so it needs to be clarified as follows. I think a good cartoon should be understood, but not obvious.
Who do you think is good cartoonist?A good cartoonist should be like a finger pointing to what should be criticized. Never would have had about themselves, that a judge or a star. He is not better than anyone else ... He simply stands on top of things, he said, he sees them. And you should also keep sufficient distance from those he likes. Because it must remain free and independent and able to be able to criticize even those with whom it identifies. It should always have in mind what is right and wrong, regardless of who does it. Once you sell your soul, there is no turning back.
Do you know Russian Vladimir kariportrétistu swamp from Moscow?
I did not know swamp, nor have I seen his work. Until now. But it's great! A genuine - Russian. A spectrum of colors that is almost perfect.
Whose face is your favorite and draw the most? Faces politicians šovbiznisu, personalities of culture and sport?

In most cases, I collected face to draw, I get them so I drew them. So they simply have to draw. But I draw them with joy and care. But the most fun for me to draw a face, which I particularly like, so pleasant because of it occasionally from time to time he chooses the face, which draws. It may be a man or woman, someone you know well, or I also like, if someone completely foreign to me. I can not tell which of those faces then I draw it easier or harder. It's just so .... usually always also depends on how my day. Sometimes I'm doing quite easily, and sometimes downright contrary is agony for me ... Simply, you really can not explain.
What do you think the cartoons now? Have you changed your opinion on it when you are older?I think I have my opinion changed the cartoons. I grew up believing that anyone can make a living by work. I saw that so did my father, in order to pay bills. Now I'm doing it this way myself. This is the practical side of things. In terms of significance and importance of cartoons, I always thought that has no meaning for most people. Today it does not seek a lot of people, when reading newspapers and magazines. If both do, look at it only as a filler that takes up space. I do not see anything important. It's very sad what I say. Some other people still account for a very interesting, these are mainly those for whom it's a job and pay it. Others, especially politicians, the cartoon also very important, not only the feel of her criticism, but also pique. They should not be offended: the cartoons are mainly just drawing. Some are beautiful, some of them are artistic dielka, some may also be stupid, or shallow and boring, but they are still just a drawing. The boy that the cartoons are dying of starvation - the memento - would mean for them much more than mere offensive drawing.
Could you live without today cartoons?Sometimes I thought about what would happen if I suddenly could not draw. I think that I could find another way of artistic expression. Perhaps it would be music, who knows? I always liked and delighted me, although I can not play any musical instrument. Maybe I started making songs on your computer. Let's see if this would further developed as follows. But I'm sure it was always in conjunction with art, art, even if I could present it on paper. Goya was already over eighty when drew cartoons, and even in this age-old saying "I'm still learning." I'm sure I could do something else if it happened to me. I would still be taught. Because art is the greatest joy that a man gives himself.
Designers often dreaming your dreams. Do you dream that you and your?I always wished that I had more time to painting and that I had more room to work. But these are the wishes that I may once more in one day and met. Dreams are different things: Like in "Midnight in Paris" by Woody Allen, I dream that I could sit in a bar in Paris and see Picasso and Modigliani sitting at the next table, I dream that I could enter the rooms Vermeer, through after it, and look out the window. I dream that I could stand next to Rembrandt when he paints, and discover how to make incredible. I dream that I could come down the stairs at the end of the workshop of Velazquez and discover that everyone is looking at "Las Meninas". I wish I could sleep in a bed of Van Gogh. I dream that I could walk down the street in Florence and Giotto find grocery. And never dream continues ...
What you have any interests other than drawing?Someone says that every cartoonist, painter, or a frustrated musician. Well, Ingres played the violin. I can not play any musical instrument, or do not vote and I sing. But with the computer, everything is possible. And even composes music and create songs, and their form of video on his my computer, which eventually end up on YouTube. You can find them on my website. This is my hobby other than drawing ... But do not expect that it will make money. But to be honest, I say that now everyone can sing and i become a millionaire without having to be aware of it, so I will not burden the not very.
Also tell us your artistic credo?I have no formal creed, but it could be something to the effect that: TEN of his work ... If you are tired of doing so himself, and then also when it is not no fun. Trying to do so that others liked it, so you will never be able to do something you really like. Besides that many people do not even really knows what he wants to do. So nestrácaj time to look for them ...
Master Alfredo thank you very much for the interview and wish you many more creative success!
Fine variety only completes its artistic dimension. About his art speak the specific characteristics of major domestic and foreign achievements. Kresliarsky talent is a gift that gave him a chance in life to do what it pleased and amused. Art work is for him the most beautiful game that fills his previous life. Cartoon for him especially the artistic side of expression. Tries in drawing, painting, graphic art, sculpture, or prove that the cartoon may have artistic value. Portrait to caricature brought timeless elements and added a smart metaphor. Kariportrét not always be cheerful, witty, or funny. Uncovering the human soul in which many were hidden and cruel detection requires not only courage but also a sensitive tolerance. Each portrait is a challenge for him, the idea of ​​a message - wants to reach people around the world and thus fulfilled his mission. It is also a cultural footprint of today for the "future" - funny picture glosses are for him an opportunity to respond to things in our lives and the world - an unpleasant and unnecessary ... Unfortunately, the cartoons have now become competitive discipline - who would win the most prizes and awards in the world - who will participate in most competitions in the world, but not with this particular matter for which the primary, at least since Duerera Albrecht (1471-1528) and later, the French La Caricature - comment on the absurd and unpleasant things in life around us ... Make yourself contemporary world chintz Alfredo Sabat did not deny in himself Juhoameričana temperament, but also pleasant and honest person spolubesedníka, which may be spewing his sebairónia and humorous detachment to life and the world. I believe his personal response took the readers of our newspaper.

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