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Peter Závacký: Cartoonist Lubomir Vanek exhibits in Brno and Pelhřimov

Jubilant exhibits in Brno and Pelhřimov
Even though his kariportrétom laughs for the past four decades, lay public and professional criticism (and even before it no secret at all), it does not matter to him and draws them still - to this day. Designer "NNN" - Lubomir Vanek, because it is talking about, not only is today the best known and most popular authors caricature portrait in Bohemia, but also its most productive creators. Kresliarsky magician with an international reputation, smiling faces polished to comic draws not only for newspapers, magazines, and for people interested in them, but increasingly also for pleasure (he has a face like "policeman" Funes, created several of its forms). Their drawing is for him not only work a job but still have a great hobby. He loves them just a spectator, but also portrayed the victim. And they drew thousands and thousands (at corporate social events and two or three hundred per night - last Pribinová in Nitra and at home in Brno, but also on television in Germany or France, Switzerland, England ...). Not offend anyone, not spoil the mood, while fun, laughing and enjoy. And even if it is not drawing kariportrétov Olympic, or even a sports discipline, pushed it into the record, when records the speed of drawing cartoons and is experiencing as a treadmill. The Guinness Book of Records currently has official records - 175 caricatures per hour and 385 cartoons for three hours. In the Czech Book of Records is now since their 1996 has a whole lot. He does not want to believe, but eternal smiled Lubomír celebrated in April this year have their precious anniversaries - "abrahámoviny" - fifty. On this occasion, prepared in his native Brno for his friends, supporters and all fanúškov portrait caricature two great exhibitions - selection of "face hits" from his previous work, but also quite recent drawings, entitled "Cross-section of Vanek. The first exhibition vernissage on 6th April 2011 in Grand kindergarten in Brněv Librex bookstore and next will be in May Pelhřimov. To ready him the author's own booklet-reporelo cross-section drawings of the same name Vanek and visitors will surely like it and taking away with the precious autograph as a memento of the exhibition.

With his wife Lenka (with already 28 years), mother and father 75 years (Still an active cyclist), squatting in daughter Lucie (27) and designer Barbara (23) - left.

Drawing kariportrétov (as well as traditional portraits) is the royal discipline. Calls not only talent, but also environmental and visual experience. If the cartoon is taught to the general public, then the object must be particularly well known, they are politicians or famous personalities of culture and sport, their drawing is easier, more kariportrét not ridicules, but illuminates a hero with a kind smile (in politics and character- and no strikes), makes it closer to ordinary people. In the best tradition of Czech portrait caricatures, which established artists and returns the classics - Bidlo, Hoffmeister, Tittelbach, Smid, Nesvadba, Hadaka or V. Council - is well and Vanek. Despite a rich and valuable work which has so far created, its artistic future is still just ahead.
Our Positive newspapers like to join the many well-wishers in congratulating the occasion of the anniversary and on this occasion are like Master Vanek and his readers in an interview with the jubile:
Teacher, which is a cartoon portrait for you?
Once it was my only hobby, an offshoot of my artistic activities. Until I suddenly found that I freelance and the tax office I held as a cartoonist. And so for two decades I make my living caricature. Will not complain, do not take it as work, but how lucky that I can maintain what I like and it is still, moreover, still my hobby.
Cartoon image of truth is said. Do you agree?
I would say the truth but adding a little spice. How would you describe kariportrét and trends in it?
How would you describe kariportrét and trends in it?
Is still evolving. Engravings from the Honore Daumier in the 19th century until today the integration of computer programs. In the world there are classic French School, British, Dutch and America not to mention ... Computers caricature previous phase, this will no longer just a static drawing. That's why I stayed and quickly learned to animate on the computer.
What you the most attracted to human faces?
Everyone has something significant - someone nose, another chin, eyes ...
One can draw a good kariportrét without big nose, ears, or warts?
Of course, but it's harder if there is nothing to grab ...
How did you get to create cartoon portrait?
Since childhood I have been so clearly. I tended to illustrate children's bedrooms, an animated film and the comics, as well as the portrait, which I later studied at the MFA. mal. Vera Frydrychová. I've found over time that did not provide a portrait of me too much space to include more expressive humor and comic exaggeration, and so I often escaped to the cartoon and worked for the joy of their friends and classmates.
When did you discover in yourself the great gift of a portrait? Kariportrétista must be born, or can this "craft" and just learn?
I naturally I take it ... But when I see that a number of good portrait kariportréty tried to draw, it was not for them, unable to break out of what conservatism I think there has to be something "the top".
What you draw better - men or women? Pretty face or vice versa?
Correct portrait you must be able to cope with each. Certainly, however, draws a better guy with "the words" eighteen years ago as a grooved, in addition crayon bred girl.
Prefer to draw in the face, or photos? What is the difference?
Both. Sometimes it suits me personal contact and sometimes I turn rather closed in his studio.
When you kariportrét enjoy and vice versa when not?
Most will always enjoy kresbičku that originated from my initiative. Worse is that sometimes with an ordered pattern. As a professional with the team I always want a particular match.

It is said that the cartoonist is a cameo archaeologist and detective at the same time, not only reveals the layers in the depths of the soul, but notes also detail all around ... Do you agree?
It's true. In fact the best portraits to the probe deep inside the soul of the subject.
And most of what you want portrayed to reveal you? Except of course form - just smile, good humor and entertainment, or even reverence, humility, or even reprimanded?
Each cartoon is different. When you send a log actuality, must be vigorous, witty and striking, the reader is reading it in a few seconds. Colored cartoon into a frame glass is born and the year and draws a few hours, because here the person hangs up, and every time he would be looking to improve mood, enjoy it and caress the soul.
It helps you look and the ability to see into the soul of man to communicate with people?
It helps me very much. Especially in business dealings. My inner voice warns me that there not to cooperate ... And while time has always proved that I did well even though it looked first to the very pink "....
Not kariportista your "range" has also distorted his "craft?" - Sees the face of each cartoon?
You are right. Sometimes I go to town and I "vercajk" and I see that "típek" that when my hand itches ...
Although kariportrét not sport discipline and you do not mind drawing a book of Czech and world records than on a treadmill. Which ones do you value most and are also entered in the Guinness Book of Records?
395 drawing cartoons for three hours. It was a performance in which I drew the last half hour of cramps in his hand, but I gave up. However, the most difficult draw with both hands simultaneously in each of another. And, it's a huge burden on the gray cerebral cortex and concentration. All my records entered in the Guinness Book of Records and the Czech Book of Records has since 1996 are listed on my website.
Recently, more and more and dedicate knžnej illustration. Especially for children. Said to himself about a children's book author? Disclosing something?
Yes, I have illustrated over twenty books. I draw them for children. Last last year, with Zdenek Pešová illustrated book "Tales and Fairy Tales from Svitavy from Svratky", a beautiful large color publication, supplemented by the memory game, coloring books, games and puzzles. It was a designer for me, a beautiful robot. Something own workshops for children have already in the drawer, but far more reveal.
What keeps you in good shape? How best to relax, as you usually relax?
In music, so concert - rock or even classical. And in nature - half a day in autumn for mushroom I cleaned my brain for two weeks in advance.

Lubomir Vanek (* 1961)
A graduate of the Brno School of Arts and Crafts, he studied privately with a portrait painter. mal. V. Frydrychová. His artwork known in the CR and SR of Czech dailies, Porcupine, diary, business daily, Gotham, crocodile, Flowers, Criss-cross, literary weekly, popular newspapers, letters, Gotham Magazine, GENDER, peasant newspaper, Czechoslovak sport, Sport, Stadium. .. His drawings are also in the return Cartoon Museum Basel (Switzerland) and also in the Museum of cartoons (Poland).
Author has compiled three books - The Revolution after divorce (1994), Jokes From The Heart (2000) and Faces of the White House (2008). In 2007, Cartoon Assotiation C.R.N. included among the 101 large portraits and caricatures of world artists. Awards for his drawings and won the competition festivals in England, Italy, but also in the country. It records the speed of drawing caricatures are included in the Guinness Book of Records. In Pelhřimovsko Museum of Records and Curiosities has its Minigallery. He is a member of the Club's Scotland. Native of Brno and patriot, lives and works in Brno.

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