Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Dear CRNI people,
I'd like to ask you all to consider digging into your pockets to find some funds for the family of cartoonist Prageeth Eknaligoda in Sri Lanka.He has been disappeared for a month and a half and with every passing day the prospects of finding him grow weaker. I will be speaking to his wife later today in Colombo. Prageeth was an important person in the fight against the human rights abuses of the present government as it defeated the notorious Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers) in a series of bloody and deadly battles, and now again as it shuts down human rights in Sri Lanka as a run up to changing the constitution to allow the President to go beyond his term limits and (what knowledgeable analysis are saying) take over government semi-permanently.I spent 4 years in Sri Lanka during one of the most deadly periods in its recent history and the fear and dread people now feel about this government and its methods has never been as stark. I hope we can collect $1,500, and I'm starting with a $100 donation of my own. My colleague at Committee to Protect Journalists met with Mrs. Eknaligoda about a week ago and reviewed his cartoons. He informed me that the Embassy will be contacting us to consider mounting an exhibit of his work here n the US. Please make checks out to CRNI earmarked for "Help a Cartoonist". It will be tax deductible.
Tamer Youssef
Send to me at:
Robert Russell
10600 Alison DriveBurke,
VA 22015

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