Tuesday, March 30, 2010

150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy.

FASI, the Federation Association of Sardinians in Italy, invites all the cartoonists in the world to participate in the special edition of the contest “Graphics, satire, and humor” created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy.
The contest is open to all cartoonists, illustrators, and graphic designers around the world. You are also allowed to participate without competing. Such requests exempt the author from winning a prize, but makes it possible to still publish and/or display the author’s workForeign artists may express themselves on the following subjects: the fortunes of the ideals of the 20th century, on the condition of democracy achieved in their own country, on the respect observed towards human rights and peace, on the destiny of the concept of the State and national unity in times of globalization, or rather they can tell about their country’s perception of Italy.
The contest is divided into three categories:
A. Sardinia. This is dedicated to the artists that with any graphic technique, satire, caricature, or cartoon strip can bring to mind the actions and the Sardinian people that, originating from the kingdom of Sardinia, were creators of the kingdom of Italy and of the Italian Republic.
B. Lithography, Illustrations, web art, computer art
D. Caricature and SatireIt is permitted to submit an entry three each of the three categories.
4. The prizesPrize “Sardinia”:
1st prize € 5.000
2nd prize € 1.500
Prize “Lithography, Illustrations, Web art”
1st prize € 5 ,000
2nd prize € 1.500Prize
“Caricature and Satire”
1st prize € 5,000
2nd prize € 1.500
Deadline: 30th of April, 2010 (based on the postmark)
Recognizing that the value of the manifestation depends on the quality of the work and on the professionalism of the participants, we will be very honoured if you would contribute your art towards the overall success of the manifestation.We thank you for your time and attention. Cordial salutations,
The Executive Administrator Bruno Culeddu
Outline for participating
All the works must be sent to the following address:
Ufficio Postale 018
Via Cavour, 71/A
Casella postale 1826050129
Florence, Italy
For further information
e-mail: fasicentro@virgilio.it
Tel: (+39) 0552477935
(+39) 055 240549 -
Fax: (+39) 055 242006

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