Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Awarded works at the 6th Biennial of Humor Luiz d'Oliveira Guimarães – Espinhal Penela 2018 Portugal


On July 8, 2018, by eleven hours met at Biblioteca Municipal Dr. António Arnaut – Penela, the jury of the VI Biennale of Humour Luíz d’Oliveira Guimarães. The jury was composed by Rui Seoane (Council Vice-President) / Rafael Baptista (Councillor) / Mário Duarte (the Technical Superior of Culture)
Luís Oliveira (President  of the Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal), António Alves (representative of Oliveira Guimarães Fundation), Renato Barroso (family representative), MMS (Margarida Macedo de Sousa (Photograph),  Carlos Sêco (Cartoonist honored in V BHLOG 2018), Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa (Artistic Director of the Biennale).
A total of 1160 works (100 caricatures for the sub-theme Leonor Oliveira Guimarães and 1060 for the Cycle of Life theme) were received from 450 artists from 78 countries.
The meeting began by analyzing the cartoons related to Leonor Oliveira Guimarães. The family and the Artistic Director had already performed a pre-selection of the thirty works that came closest in resemblance to the "victim." Of these 30 finalists the jury decided to grant:

1st Caricature Prize of VI BHLOG - 2018 to the work of Walter Toscano (Peru)

Special Caricature Prize of the VI BHLOG 2018 to the work of Henrique Monteiro (Portugal)

Special Caricature Prize of the VI BHLOG 2018 to the work of Mohamed Ajeg (Morocco)

Regarding the Cycle of Life theme, after eliminating works that did not comply with the regulation (theme and monochrome), 700 jury papers were presented to the jury, which were exhaustively analyzed and after several rounds, the jury decided to award the Prizes provided for in the Biennial following works:
1st Prize of the VI BHLOG - 2018 - Horia Crisan & Bogdan Petry (Romania)

# 2nd Prize of the VI BHLOG - 2018 - Agim Sulaj (Albania)

# 3rd Prize of BHLOG VI 2018 Prize - Safaa Odah (Palestine)

# Special Prize António Oliveira Guimarães VI BHLOG - 2018 - Sepideh Seifizadeh (Iran)

# Special Prize Municipality of Penela VI BHLOG - 2018 - Reynerio Tamayo (Cuba)

# Special Prize of the Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal  VI BHLOG - 2018 - Oleh Smal (Ukraine)

# Special Prize Oliveira Guimarães  Foundation BHLOG - 2018 - José Bandeira (Portugal)

# Special Prize Humorgrafe VI BHLOG - 2018 - Ali Miraee (Iran)

Nothing more to be discussed, the meeting was closed at twenty-thirty minutes, and adjourned for the drawing up of these minutes, which after read and approved were signed by all the members of the jury.

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