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International Cartoon Competition (No. 4) by the theme of "Climate Technology" - Estonian Humor Association 2021


The Estonian Humor Association and Estonian Humor Museum with ABC Kliima

is organize next International Cartoon Competition (No. 4) by the theme of "Climate Technology"

Prize fund:

I place – 1000€

II place – 500€

III place – 300€

The theme of the drawings should revolve around the climate technology that influence our everyday lives in home:

* Air conditionings          * Ground source heat pumps     * Ventilations

* Air humidifiers              * Air curtains                                    * Central vacuum cleaners

* Floor heating                 * Sauna stoves                                 * Infra-red heating

* Geothermal                    * Solar panels                                   Etc


Every author is allowed to send in up to 5 cartoons, but only one cartoon per author will be awarded.

The cartoons can be previously published, but should not have been already awarded. All cartoons are welcomed, granted that no copyright laws have been broken.

All cartoons must be square-shaped and with the sizing min of 2480 x 2480 px (210 x 210 mm) and min 300 dpi, JPG or PNG format

Cartoons must not contain any text except internationally known English expressions (OK, S.O.S, HELP, etc.).

Deadline September 30, 2021 

More detailed competition conditions you can find on our website -

All the best!

Estonian Humor Museum

Priit Koppel

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Afeganistan by Gio


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7 CONCURSO NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA - 2021 Homenaje a Elena Ospina, Colombia


1) Abierta a todos los caricaturistas profesionales del mundo, preferiblemente mayores de edad (18 años). 

Fecha Límite:  30 de septiembre del presente año (11:59 pm, hora COLOMBIA).

2) Habrán 2 categorías, Caricatura Fisonómica y  Humor gráfico. (No se aceptarán trabajos que no tengan relación con los temas de este año)

A.: Caricaturas fisonómicas de Elena Ospina (no retratos).

B. Humor gráfico: “Héroes de la Salud” - Homenaje gráfico y humorístico a la labor médica de todo el personal que ha atendido la emergencia sanitaria de pandemia que sufrimos aún hoy en día.

Los Trabajos deben enviarse por email únicamente a:

Más detalles en el link

Compartimos la convocatoria en español:

y en inglés:


Egypt Cartoon .. The 4th International Cartoon Festival in Kosovo


The International Cartoon Competition " Colombia the country we dream of" 2021

  The RAYED GRILLO calls on fellow cartoonists to graph the social requests for which it is fighting in all corners and cities of Colombia.The proposal goes beyond stating the complaint, we want clear ideas and positions to emerge of what we want as a nation.

Artists of any age and nationality can participate by attaching their information such as: name, age and email address.

The Jury is made up of Colombian cartoonists: NANI, BETTO and DON FINGO.

The jury will select TWO cartoons, by different authors and will give $ 300 thousand pesos as a stimulus to each one.

If the chosen person lives abroad, he will receive the equivalent of 300 thousand pesos in his national currency, including the value of the shipment.

Format: works in 300 dpi (letter or A4 size) free technique.

Closing Date: September 15, 2021

Unique shipping address:

El GRILLO RAYADO  convoca a  dibujantes a graficar las demandas sociales por las que se lucha en todos los rincones y ciudades de Colombia. La propuesta va más allá de plantear la denuncia, queremos que surjan ideas y posiciones claras de lo que queremos como nación.

Pueden participar artistas de cualquier edad y nacionalidad adjuntando sus datos como: nombre, edad y dirección de correo electrónico.

Formato: works in 300 dpi (letter or A4 size) free technique.

Fecha límite: September 15, 2021


The First International Festival of Peace Illustration in the Narrations of Saadi, Hafiz and Mowlana 2021

The First International Festival of Peace Illustration in the Narrations of Saadi, Hafiz and Mowlana

Theme: Peace and Friendship in the works of the three brilliant poets Saadi, Hafiz, and Mowlana

 For centuries, distinguished poets and scholars have admired the works of Saadi, Hafiz, and Mowlana, the three open minded Iranian Persian poets whose humanitarian thoughts are clearly reflected in their collected works. Their poems offer lots of recommendations on making peace and philanthropic efforts which can lay the ground for establishing peace and friendship between all people and nations.

The First International Festival of Peace Illustration in the Narrations of Saadi, Hafiz and Mowlana is hosted by Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran and the birthplace and home of Saadi and Hafiz, the two outstanding Persian poets who have gained worldwide fame.

The competition themes:

Peace and Friendship in the works of the three brilliant poets Saadi, Hafiz, and Mowlana


When territory can be taken by gentle means, Shed not blood by your strivings in conflict:

By your manhood! All earth’s rule Is not worth one blood-drop’s trickling to earth! I’ve heard that Jamshid of blessed constitution.

Wrote thus upon a stone above a wellspring: At this spring many like us have drawn breath,

Then gone on as they closed their eyes: We’ve taken the world in manliness and force,

But carried it not with us into the tomb!

Saadi: The sons of Adam are limbs of each other

Having been created of on essence. When the calamity of time afflicts one limb. The other limbs cannot remain at rest. If thou hast no sympathy for the name of a man.

Hafiz: Plant the tree of friendship, that, to fruit, the heart’s desire bringeth: Up-pluck the bush of enmity, that countless troubles bringeth.

Hafiz: The ease of two worlds is the explanation of these two words: With friends, kindness; with enemies, courtesy.

Hafiz: Be in love with God, the Only True Friend, and keep away from His enemies. Think fair and be fair so that you can turn evils away

Mowlana: If you are going to war with me here. I'll do keep peace with you dear

And if you start a war with me, I'll go to a peaceful place. As the God's world is not limited in any case. One world is at war but what reigns over the other world is peacefulness. It is only in the meaningful world that what matters is not to make conquest. Water and fire, like reason and love, are brothers. And they represent the same essence, although seemingly different to others.

Terms and Conditions:

1. It is a free to enter competition and open to anyone over the age of 18

2.  Participants are needed to provide their full names, postal address, email address, their phone number and submit a brief biography of themselves along with their submitted works.  

3.  Every participants should illustrate at least one of the poems specified by the competition organizers.

4.  At least a 3-step sequencing picture, i. e. three single or multiple framed illustration should be provided for each relevant poem.

5. Participants should send the selected poem(s) along with their submitted work(s).

6. Participants can submit one to five works for consideration.

7.  The illustrations can be black and white or colored. 

8. There is no limitation in the use of digital or manual painting techniques.

9.  To submit their works, participants should send them by email to the following address:

10. The submitted works should be in A3 or A4 paper sizes.

11. The size of the sent file should not be more than 2 MB.

12. The competition organizer, Shiraz Municipality, shall reserve its absolute right to publish the submitted works and use the selected works for the purposes of advertising or holding a public exhibition.

13. The selected works will be published in a high quality book-sized exhibition catalogue and sent to the selected artists.

14. Participants need to follow @peace_contest on Instagram for receiving important news about the reviewer panel, winners, and exhibition of the selected works.

15. Participants should ensure the originality of the submitted works and will be responsible for any potential legal consequences of violating the conditions of participation.


1st Prize: $1500 + Honorary Diploma + Shiraz Peace and Friendship Medal

2nd Prize: $900 + Honorary Diploma

3rd Prize: $600 + Honorary Diploma

Submission deadline: Oct. 31 2021

Contact us: E-mail:

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«História da Arte da Caricatura de Imprensa em Portugal - 1947» Por Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa


A exposição de Roberto Santos - escreve José Augusto França, in "Horizonte" de Junho 1947 - nos Restauradores, é, exageradamente até, aquilo que entre nós se classifica de «Popular». Popular no sentido de baixa exploração dos instintos daquela gente a que se destina e de lisonjeamento da sua incultura.

São perto de 100 desenhos aguarelados, duma franca pornografia revisteira com um ou outro toque de grosseira galanteria e que chegam até à obscenidade (nº88). Trata-se daquelas "obras" de inclassificável gosto que alguns indivíduos não resistem à imbecilidade de fazer mas que é uso (de boa decência pública) mostrar apenas clandestinamente aos amigos da mesma espécie.

Meia dúzia de «ceguinhos» e de «mulheres perdidas» compõem a nota imprescindível de sentimentalidade rasteira.

Quanto à aparência plástica da «obra» - não valerá a pena falar na repetição de efeitos banais, nem, por exemplo, no amassamento das caras das figuras.

E, para acabar a notícia, que se mencione só, tristemente e sem mais comentários, as centenas de pessoas que passaram pela exposição, que gostaram e que levaram lá os filhos e as filhas. Ah ! E também muitos velhotes brejeiros e usados.

Mas quem é este Roberto Santos, que apesar de não ser apreciado por este crítico ligado às vanguardas, não passa despercebido, não é ignorado, antes merece referência num jornal da intelectualidade moderna de então ? Com um bom domínio do desenho e da cor, era académico na técnica, razão pela qual era mal visto pelos jovens vanguardistas. Apesar desse decorativismo técnico, conseguia pela irreverência humorística sobressair do leque dos artistas que dominavam os salões das Primaveras e Invernos do contentamento da sociedade de então. Por outro lado ele éra pintor, na essência da palavra, pois, segundo palavras de Luís de Oliveira Guimarães, ele pintava o que lhe encomendavam, seja uma parede, um prédio, como um quadro, um cenário, uma decoração de stand ou pavilhão, uma montra… Era um topo a tudo, já que a sobrevivência não era fácil, mesmo para um artista «Popular».

Nascido em Lisboa (1893/1955), realizou exposições não só em Portugal (1925, 1926, 1945, 46, 47, 49, 50, 54, 55) como em Angola, Moçambique e África do Sul. Publicou no "ABC a Rir", no "Primeiro de Janeiro"… O seu lema, como escreve nos seus "catálogos", O Humorismo é um Dom que deus concedeu a alguns, portanto instransmissível, mas transformado em quadros é vendável e… "Disso é que eu gosto"…

O seu humor era assumidamente popular, não no sentido pitoresco e erótico de Stuart, mas revisteiro, explorando a ilustração erótica art-deco que vendia as revistas como o "NewYorker", como vencerá no "Playboy"… Contudo com um humor mais nacional, mais terra a terra. Tudo isto não desmerece, num país cinzento, clerical, campónio, antes é uma lufada de ar fresco, que o público sabia apreciar como um elixir de liberdade.

O que se conhece publicado na imprensa, é muito ligeiro, mais ilustração de ditados, de frases, que irreverência humorística. Do que eu conheço de originais (que não são os mesmos que José Augusto França viu na exposição), para além da beleza de construção, ligado naturalmente a um naturalismo arredondado em deco, existe uma fantasia esplendorosa de ironia erótica, muitas das vezes sintetizada essencialmente na legenda, como "O rapto da Sabidas", "Sinfonia Incompleta", "A Esquina do Pecado", "E demos de comer a um milhão de Portugueses", "A beata"… Hoje, a maior parte do erotismo, da brejeirice parece-nos saloia, inócua, mas compreendo que naqueles tempos fazia amigos e inimigos…

O que disseram os outros contemporâneos dele ? O "Primeiro de Janeiro", a 14/5/46 escreverá - Pintor de classe, praticando com talento várias modalidades da sua arte, Roberto dos Santos é, também , psicólogo profundo e humorista moderno. /…/ Impecável no desenho, muito equilibrado na distribuição de valores, todas as suas composições, «manchadas» em tonalidades justas e em primorosos efeitos, são perfeitas de acabamento. /…/ A sua colecção de desenhos de recorte parisiense, polvilhados da graça maliciosa do boulevard, constitue um esplêndido documentário de filosofia desempoeirada na análise atenta, minuciosa e profunda a costumes e ridículos sociais. Algumas charges, harmonizando o sabor clássico à técnica moderna, valem como ilustrações atraentes de categorizados magazines…

O Sempre Fixe de 49, pela pena de Octávio Sérgio, refere a sua exposição no Porto, por esta Páscoa de 1949, Roberto dos Santos é senhor exposto numa galeria da Rua de Magalhães Lemos, e é mais visitado do que as Igrejas cá do burgo.

O público delira com o humorismo dos seus quadros e admira o seu impecável estilo parisiense, do Paris de 1900, através de aguarelas e gouaches com requintes e prodígios de perícia e «savoir faire»…

Claro que os pintores à vara larga não gostam, mas o público vê, admira e paga, que é o importante.

Aquilo não é uma exposição ! Parece uma romaria !

Em 1950, o texto do catálogo é da responsabilidade de Luís de Oliveira Guimarães, que nos reporta a sua perspectiva: Uma tarde destas, descia eu o Chiado, quando encontrei Roberto Santos que subia. Paramos a conversar e, entre outras coisas que ele me disse, disse-me que ia fazer uma nova exposição. regosijei-me com o facto, porque Roberto Santos, festejado humorista da galanteria e do colorido é, no seu género, um artista inconfundível cujas exposições obtêm sempre, aliás justissimamente, o melhor êxito. Foi então, perante o meu regozijo, que, de repente, Roberto Santos, franzindo o nariz, me desfechou à queima roupa:

- Sabe ? deixei de pintar humorismo; agora só pinto tragédias. A minha exposição - Você verá - já não é uma parada de sorrisos: é um vale de lágrimas…

- Palavra de honra ?

- Palavra.

- Homem, dê cá um abraço. Nunca um humorista ri melhor do que quando chora !

Quem entrar nesta exposição de Roberto Santos, habituado aos seus quadros galantes, prodígios de graça e transparência, poderá sentir, ao primeiro golpe de vista, uma inesperada impressão. Na verdade, o que nele era claridade tornou-se melancolia; o que nele era verve tornou-se espírito filosófico.

A segurança dos processos mantém-se mas a sugestão dos temas mudou. Entretanto o humorista persiste, e é isso que importa, especialmente notar. O humorismo não exclui o sentimento. Há quem diga até que os verdadeiros humoristas são, no fundo, as pessoas mais sentimentais deste mundo.

Ao Roberto Santos gracioso sucedeu (resta saber porquanto tempo) um Roberto Santos sentimental, mas nem por isso, ou talvez por isso mesmo, menos estruturalmente humorista. O humorismo não é uma acomodação: é uma reacção. Roberto santos reagiu agora perante o fait-divers da existência, duma maneira diferente daquela a que nos havia habituado. Mais pungente ? Sem dúvida. Mas ainda mais humana…

A 4 de Janeiro, o jornal "O Sol" noticia a morte do Prof. Abel Salazar: Morreu em Lisboa e ficou sepultado no cemitério do Prado Repouso, no Porto, o Professor Doutor Abel Salazar. Talento pluriforme, em todos os seus trabalhos, repartidos por inúmeras actividades, deixou indelevelmente impresso o selo do génio. Foi, sobretudo, como histologista que o seu nome alcançou projecção mundial, sendo as suas teorias adoptadas em várias Universidades estrangeiras e o seu nome citados nos tratados dos maiores escritores da especialidade.

Toda a Imprensa portuguesa traçou com emoção o perfil de Abel Salazar, como homem de coração e como homem de génio, classificando a sua morte como «perda nacional !»: poucas vezes estas palavras têm sido empregadas com tanta propriedade !

Este grande pensador, cientista, artísta plástico inovador, pela sua curiosidade, pela sua irreverência, e pelo seu espírito "neo-realista" naturalmente passou pelo desenho satírico, seja no testemunho/denúncia das misérias humanas, seja pela escalpelização dos rostos de amigos. Na imprensa, onde publicou pouco, cegou a usar o pseudónimo de Kaiser.

Outro grande artista que desaparece este ano é Arnaldo Ressano Garcia, que o Diário de Lisboa de 7/7/1948 descreve desta forma: Era das mais interessantes personalidades do nosso tempo, de ontem e de hoje, a do Eng. Arnaldo Ressano Garcia. Nele se concentravam virtudes e méritos que é difícil ver reunidos num único homem.: carácter, talento, vivacidade, fino espírito, sabedoria, bondade, independência, mesmo uma certa irreverência, que a idade atenuava mas não eliminou.

Filho do conselheiro engº Frederico Ressano Garcia, estadista e notável figura portuguesa - Arnaldo teve uma admirável preparação escolar e técnica na Politécnica e na Escola de Guerra, o que o guindou, sem favor, ao professorado naqueles estabelecimentos de ensino superior, e, depois, na Escola de Belas Artes e na Faculdade de Ciências. Mas durante três dezenas de anos em que exerceu a magistratura do ensino, Ressano Garcia manteve a sua alegria espiritual de escolar, aparentemente austero.

Artista de profundidade, caricaturista, interessou-se pelo teatro, pelo cinema, pela literatura; escreveu obras de valor técnico e crítico, fez conferências, passou pela polémica com elegância, como passara pela cátedra com altanaria. Dedicou-se também ao desporto, como um forte esgrimista.

Respeitado e estimado a um tempo - o que nem sempre acontece - foi vogal da Junta Nacional de Educação.

Morre com 67 anos um homem que honrou o seu tempo e o nome dos seus maiores.

Desaparece também este ano o jornal "A Bomba", com pouco mais de um ano de publicação. Desaparece sem grandes palavras, apenas com um editorial que diz ver ensombrado o seu futuro. Quem não desaparece são as "Emissões Bomba", as quais entretanto tinham integrado no seu elenco a dupla Ruy e Puga, os quais após a saída, ainda durante este ano dos fundadores, assumirão o controle das emissões. Rui Andrade, Manuel Puga, Ferro Rodrigues e José Andrade entretando transformarão as Emissões Bomba em Parodiantes de Lisboa, com o programa "Parada da Paródia", mas essa já é outra história.

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41st International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest in Turkey

The Conditions:

- The subject of the Competition is free.

- The caricatures shall unconditionally be original drawing.

- The cartoons to be sent to the contest must be drawn in 2021.

- The Competition is open to caricaturists from all ower the world.

- The caricatures must not be awarded by another Competition.

- The caricaturists can participate at the Competition maximum with three caricatures.

- The dimensions of caricatures shall be in A4 or A3 size.

- The caricaturists have to write in their names and surnames, address, telephone number and their countries on the back of their works of art, and their CV’s (curriculum vitae) have to be added to their caricatures.

- The caricatures shall be delivered to the given address at the latest October 31, 2021.

- The results shall be announced on November 9, 2021.

- All caricatures send to the Contest shall be kept the Cartoonists Association in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Cartoon and Humor Center.

- The jury will choose the caricatures which will be included in the Album and the caricatures which will be exhibited, Then the Album of the Competition will be published.
- The Album of the Competition will be send to the caricaturists of whom works of art exhibited and included in the Album. The caricaturists participated at the Competition shall be regarded as accepted all the conditions of the Competition.
- The person participating in the competition accepts that they will be transferring the intellectual rights of each work they sent to the Cartoonists Association, Accordingly, Cartoonist Association will have the rights, includes but not limited to, the rights to reproduce, disseminate and process the cartoons participating in the competition, Cartoonist Association can also use these rights through third parties. 

THE PRIZES  Grand Prize:             5000 $ / Honour Prizes (5):    1000 $

Special Prizes: Special Prizes offered by various establishments, associations, newspapers, art magazines, syndicates and agencies.



Meşrutiyet Cad. Konur Sk. No: 31/4 Kat: 2 Kızılay 06420 ÇANKAYA - ANKARA / TURKEY


5th Artoonist international Seasonal Festival-Summer 2021 - Iran

The world laughs after this Introduction: Humorous language is a special kind of speech in the form of an image or text that re-reads the functional processes of a society in another form. Humor more than trying to make people laugh; it try to surprise, regret, thinking andcontemplation. The visual arts have also tried not to be empty of the element of humor by trapping the lines and shapes in the framing of an image. This image profile, sometimes in the form of cartoons, sometimes caricature, sometimes photos and sometimes in the form of posters, has been able to perpetuate pure and memorable framing of people over time. Just as these picture frames of society make the audience stand in front of an image, laugh, cry, and fly with it to the depths of their minds. The existence of a range of visual humor in different formats enable the artists from all around the world to depict the ignorance of a society in different forms with their creative view of people's daily lives; Ignorance that answers unanswered questions of people's minds.

The Artoonist International Seasonal Festival is a popular festival formed by the policies of a number of prominent cartoonists, photographers and graphic artists from around the world. This festival has tried to review and criticize the various events and happenings of the world in three form of cartoons, news and press humorous posters and posters from the world artist’s point of view. At the end of all four seasons, the festival tries to sell the selected works of the artists of the past year in an annual world exhibition in different countries, in coordination and agreement with the owners of the works.

Unlike many traditional international festivals, this event makes it the original selected works to be sold with the artist's signature and the cycle of art economics, which has been neglected so far in the form of cartoons, photos and posters, to be formed, and artists in these fields of art as well. Painters should make a profit from selling their works. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the works of selected artists, the works of the judges of each period will be offered for sale at the annual World Artist Exhibition.


President of the festival


Subject: • Free • World politicians

Festival Awards: 5 people selected in each section (cartoons, posters and photos): The gold medal of the festival will be awarded along with the printed catalog of the festival.

General conditions:

• To participate in the festival, you must fill in the entry form

• Number of works: 5 works

• Template: color and black and white

• Size of works: A3, 300DPI, JPEG, and RGB format

• Deadline: 30 September 2021

• Judging works: 10 October 2021

• The original of the selected works will be displayed for sale in an annual exhibition in coordination with the owners of the works during one year.

• The sale of works will also include the works of the judges of the previous year.

• All works that make it to the exhibition will be given a certificate of attendance.

• An electronic catalog will be sent to all selected entrants to the exhibition.

• The festival is allowed to use the works submitted to the festival in the form of books, postcards, posters and for all examples of advertising.

• Participating in the festival means accepting all the rules of the festival.

More details about the photo section:

• The subject of the photos must be humor.

• Humor theme can include; Everyday life and activities, behaviors of politicians, war, street protests, etc.

• All photos must have accurate captions in English.

• The main content of the image should not change with different editing and processing of the image.

More details about the poster section:

• The subject of the posters must be humor.

• Humor theme can include; be daily life and activities, behaviors of politicians, war, street protests, children and adults.

• Printed and published posters with the theme of humor can participate in this festival.

Posters should be written in English if they need explanation.

Cartoon & Caricature Exhibition "Sustainable Environment" in Turkey


The Faculty of Art and Design at Izmir Katip Celebi University is pleased to announce a new exhibition: Cartoon & Caricature Exhibition on September 24-27, at the IKCU Art Gallery, Izmir, Turkey. The aim of the exhibition is to connect the cultural uniqueness of various countries in the world through typographic work.

The exhibition will feature artworks that convey messages, text-based art, and visual communication arts. We wish to invite visual artists to submit their artworks of various media such as graphic design, drawings, illustrations, printmaking, cartooning and graffiti, Infographic, photographs, video & new media art, and mixed media.
The works submitted to the competition may be prepared as original drawings, digital printings or computer printouts, The drawing technique is open-ended.

- The festival is opened foreveryone regardless of nationality, sex, or profession, over 18 years of age.

- This cartoon exhibition can be participated by all kinds of artists, designers who work in type to create a diverse exhibition with a wide cross-section of works.

- Topic "Sustainable Environment". 

- All work must be the original work of exhibitor, No photographs unless part of mixed medium work.
- Artists who intend to participate in the exhibition have to send their work visual by using the Online 
Application Form.

- Deadline: September 15, 2021

- The exhibition applications will be accepted or rejected according to the evaluation of the “Art Committee”.

- The committee will assess works by considering criteria such as contemporary interpretation, material knowledge, technique/practice, subject and visual balance/aesthetic.

- The dimensions of the design should be 21 X 29,7 cm (A4).

- Originals of designs, In CMYK mode, fonts will be converted and saved JPEG format at least 300 dpi resolution (10MB maximum size). 

- Each artist may submit a maximum of 3 pieces of the original artwork.

- Due to space limitations, not all pieces are guaranteed to be hung.

- Sponsor should not be used for poster design, logo or visuals for commercial purposes.

- In addition, it should not contain political symbols and images that are contrary to human rights and contain sexuality.

- The artists submitted for selection will be able to be printed in the publication of Izmir Katip Celebi University and in other printed materials of this organization such as books, catalogs, brochures, postcards, websites, and posters. All rights for any other publishing except these belong to the owner of drawing.

- Each participating artist will receive a certificate of attendance and a digital exhibition catalog.

- The selected works will be covered with a passe-partout for the exhibition by the organization committee.

- The copyright of the work of the contest remains in each artists. Artists shall retain all copyrights of any image they submit to the Art Room Gallery.

- Images will not be resold, exchanged or copied from this site.

- The participation is free of charge.

- All participants shall be sent High-Quality Digitally Print + Passepartout, Certificate of Attendance, Digital - Exhibition Catalog, and attendance in the festival program.

- The applicants who complete the application form are deemed to have accepted all the conditions specified in the specification. 

- Exhibition Dates: September 24-27, 2021 

2nd International Organ Donation Cartoon Competition in Turkey

Purpose of the Competition: The competition aims to increase social awareness on organ donation at the national and international levels by making use of the power of art.

As it is known, more than 1 million patients around the world and approximately 26,000 patients in Turkey are waiting for a suitable organ to be donated to survive through organ transplantation.

It is hoped that more organs can be provided by increasing awareness about organ donation.

From this point of view, it is aimed to create a positive attitude change on organ donation, thanks to the original, creative, and striking works to be designed by the cartoonists.

Conditions: - All amateur and professional world cartoonists can participate the competition. 

- There is no restriction on technique usage. 

- A competitor can apply with a maximum of 5 works.

- However, the owner of the works is paid for the work that deserves the highest award from the works that have been ranked. 

- The works that will participate in the competition must be uploaded by registering on the competition website ( in A3 size (42 cm x 29, 7 cm), 300 dpi resolution, four-color (CMYK) model, PDF or JPG (maximum scale) format suitable for printing. 

- Works that the advisory board considers to be the same or similar or that they belong to another cartoonist will not be evaluated. 

- Works that were previously published or exhibited in any competition can be sent to the competition, provided that they have not received an award in any national or international competition, If it is determined that the submitted cartoons have been awarded in any competition before, the evaluation of the related cartoon will be canceled immediately, If this situation is determined after the award is won, the candidate agrees and declares to return the money award he/she has won over the award price announced in this specification and with the certificate of achievement. 

- 120 cartoons (20 of which are substitutes) submitted to the evaluation of the competition jury and made to the finals will be published on the website of the competition during this period if there will be an objection due to the copy or high similarity of the works, the reasons for the objections will be evaluated by the organizing committee, and if deemed appropriate, the objected works will be removed from the list, instead, works will be added from the reserve list. The decision of the Advisory Board will be valid in this matter, After the date of suspension, the first 100 cartoons that receive awards will be announced, Objections made after the suspension process will not be considered. 

- Prize payments will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of the winners until 31.12.2021 at the latest. Bank transfer charges and legal taxes will be deducted from the prize price. The payments of the artists abroad will be made in USD, and the payments of the artists in the country will be paid in TL, taking into account the effective selling rate of the Central Bank on the announcement date of the competition results. 

- The first 100 works that to be awarded and deemed worthy of exhibition will be published in the catalogue. This catalog will be shipped to the owners of the works with the counter party payment. 

- The award ceremony of the competition and the exhibition of the first 100 works will be held in the city and address determined by the Organizing Committee, The jury members and the first 3 artwork owners will be invited to the award ceremony. Its expenses (plane, train, bus ticket and accommodation) will be covered by the Turkish Transplant Foundation, However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony may be postponed or canceled in line with the decisions of the public authorities. 

- First degree relatives of the jury members cannot participate in the competition. 

- If the Organizing Committee deems it necessary, it may change the competition schedule or cancel the competition at any stage. 

- The decisions of Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Visual Communication Design Department and Turkish Transplant Foundation are valid for matters not specified in the competition or in case of hesitation. 

Submission Deadline:October 1, 2021 


First Prize: 2000 USD and Certificate of Achievement

Second Prize: 1500 USD and Certificate of Achievement

Third prize: 1000 USD and Certificate of Achievement

Honorable Mention: 500 USD and Certificate of Achievement

Honorable Mention: 500 USD and Certificate of Achievement

Honorable Mention: 500 USD and Certificate of Achievement

Kaan Ertem Special Award

Prof. Dr. Arash Pirat Special Award

Sevgi Aydemir Gecegörmez Special Award 

Organized by:  Turkish Transplant Foundation / Istanbul Medeniyet University (Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Visual Communication Design)

Contact information:  Turkish Transplant Foundation P. 0312 361 55 55


Istanbul Medeniyet University, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Visual Communication Design P. 0216 280 2279




Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Petroka International Cartoon Contest 2021

Petrokimia Kayaku is a company engaged in the agrochemical sector that produces the main products in the form of pesticides, biological fertilizers, livestock probiotics and a number of other products. Petrokimia Kayaku's products have been recognized according to the FAO International Standard - specified for plant protection products, thus meeting safety standards for agricultural crops. 

On its 44th birthday, Petrokimia Kayaku organizes an international cartoon competition. 


REGULATION: - Open for all participant around the world. 

- A3 size image, 300 dpi resolution, RGB color, JPG format, maximum file size 3 MB.

- Participants may submit a maximum of three (3) works.

- Participants register and upload works at 

- Original work, if it is proven that the winning work is a plagiarized work, then the committee has the right to cancel the title of champion and the prize.

- Deadline for submission of works is July 25, 2021 

- Announcement of winners July 30, 2021 on the website and Petrokima Kayaku social media.

- The submitted work belongs to Petrokimia Kayaku. 

PRIZES: 1st Prize IDR 10.000.000 / 2nd Prize IDR 7.000.000 / 3rd Prize IDR 5.000.000

3 Favorite cartoons @ IDR 2.000.000

The 13th International Tourism Cartoons Competition in Turkey 2021


The theme of the competition in 2021 is: “Workers in the tourism industry”. 

Some tourism workers are: Animator/entertainment team members, Bartender/barista, Bell team/uniformed services, Butler, Cabin crew members, Caddy, Call center agent, Cashier, Concierge, Cruiseship team members, Executive Housekeeper, Floor inspector, Food engineer, Front office clerk, Front office manager, Gardener, Golf club manager, Ground crew members, Guest services/Relations agents, Hotel guides, Hotel manager/General manager/Club manager, House/pool/beach people, Housekeeping officers, Hotel restaurant officers, Kitchen team, Laundry attendants, Lifeguards, Maintenance team members, Marina crew members, Marketing team members, Night auditors, Proshop attendants, Reservations clerks, Room attendants, Room service attendants, Sales team members/agents, Security agents, SPA team members, Stewerding team members, Ticketing officers, Tourist guides, Transfer agents, Waiter/waitress.

The tourism industry incorporates diverse activities in the following areas: Accommodation (hotel, motel, resorts, clubs, hostels etc.), Food and beverage services (restaurants, bars, cafes, pastry, local and authentic products food etc.), Transport services (airline, railway, road and water, car rentals, yachting etc.), Distribution (online, tour operators, travel agencies etc.), Cultural services (events, festivals, concerts, museums, sites etc.), Sport and recreational activities (entertainment, games, sports tournaments, world cup, night shows, and country-specific goods, services and activities, and sports and recreation), camping, caravan, extreme sports vb.

Submission Guidelines:

- The competition is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists.

- Each performer is allowed to submit maximum three works.

- The cartoons submitted to the competition may be prepared as original drawings, digital printings or computer printouts.

- The drawing technique is open-ended. Drawings may be colorful or black and white. On the other hand, performers are required to put signatures on their drawings.

- Participants must write their names, surnames and addresses behind their drawings. Also, they must complete the Participant Information Form placed under submission page and send it together with their drawings.

- Cartoons sent may be of the ones previously published somewhere but previously awarded cartoons are not allowed to submit.

- Cartoons submitted for selection will be able to be printed in the publication of Anatolia Tourism Academy and in other printed materials of this organization such as books, catalogs, brochures, postcards, web sites and posters. All rights for any other publishing except these belong to the owner of drawing.

- The cartoons that will be selected after the first evaluation will be announced between Februrary 1 and 9, 2022. The objections will took into account between Februrary 1 and 9, 2022.

- Finalist cartoons will be published in the album. Cartoonists whose drawings published in this album will be sent a copy of the album.

- Regardless of award-winning or taking place in the album, all the cartoons submitted for selection will not be returned.

- All the cartoonists participated in the competition are implied to agree on the conditions and regulations of the competition.

- Submission deadline is 31 December 2021.

- The cartoons can be mailed to the below address:


P.O. Box 109, 06444

Yenisehir, Ankara / Turkey 


Categories: Cartoons will be accepted in two sections:

Adult Category:  - This category is open for the all of cartoonists who are 17 and older.

- Category should be noted when cartoons are submitting.

- Grand award, second award, third award, Professor Atila Özer recognition award and three mansions will be given in this section.

- Finalist cartoons in this section will be published in the album. 

Young Category: - This category is open for the cartoonists who are 16 and younger.

- Category should be noted when cartoons are submitting.

- Grand award and two achievement awards will be given in this section.

- Finalist cartoons in this section will be published in the album. 

Evaluation Declarations: - Works submitted to the competition will be evaluated in two stages.

- In the first stage, all the works will be pre-evaluated at a meeting held by Pre-Evaluation Selection Committee members.

- At the end of this meeting, finalist works will be determined. No more than 1/5 of the works submitted to the competition will be taken for further evaluation.

- Before continuing with the second stage, finalist works will be announced on the internet between 1 and 9 February 2022.

- Similar and copy works, plagiarism, previously awarded works, and other objections will be decided by the Pre-Evaluation Selection Committee members and due to the reasonable objections, on which the committee will reach a consensus, related works will be eliminated.

- At the second stage, finalist works will be re-evaluated by Final Selection Committee Members. This time, evaluation will be done in two sub-stages. In the first stage, the number of finalist woks will be reduced to 45-50 and, in the last stage, winners will be determined.

- Evaluation of the submitted works will be done based on three critical issues mentioned below.

- Selection and convenience of the topic, Quality of humor, Originality of drawing.



The Grand Award: $1000

The Second Award: Holiday in Turkey (5 days, 2 persons, Full pansiyon) .. (Four Points by Sheraton).

The Third Award: Holiday in Turkey (5 days, 2 persons, Full pansiyon) .. (Four Points by Sheraton ).

Professor Atila Özer Recognition Award: $500 



The Grand Award: $500

The Second Award: Holiday in Turkey (5 days, 2 persons, Full pansiyon) .. (Four Points by Sheraton).

The Third Award: Holiday in Turkey (5 days, 2 persons, Full pansiyon) .. (Four Points by Sheraton). 

Cartoon Submission: 

For further information and cartoon mailings:

Postal address:  Nazmi KOZAK / P.O. Box 109, 06444 Yenisehir, Ankara / Turkey

OR E-mail:

Please fill in and submit the required information on the application form.

The works of those who do not complete the participation form will not be evaluated.

Click here for the Application-Form

CARICATUNIS 2nd Edition - Annual International Competition for Cartoon and Satirical Portraits - Egypt 2021

Overview: The Caricature Museum in Tunis, a small oasis village just west of Cairo, is the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East.

The museum was founded in 2009 by the renowned Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla.

Fayoum Art Center, which the Museum is part of, is pleased to launch its annual competition for cartoons and satirical portraits.

On the 22nd of October 2021 the Center will host a big event bringing many cartoon artists and fans together to celebrate this art form and open a new museum section dedicated to caricatures from the arab world.

Prizes will be awarded for both the cartoon and satirical portrait categories, and the best artworks submitted will also appear in the catalogue, which will be handed out to the artists featured.

A carefully selected international jury will be awarding a prize for first place in each category.

A prize for second place will go to the artwork that received the most votes on social media platforms.

I. Satirical Portrait:  Theme “Naji Al Aly and Handala”

Handala was created in 1969 by palestinian cartoonist Naji Al Aly, became the signature of his cartoons and remains an iconic symbol of Palestinian identity and defiance.

“Handala was born 10 years old.

It was at that age that I left my homeland. When

Handala returns, he will still be 10 years old, and then he will start growing up”; said Al Aly.

Artists have total freedom to choose portraying Naji Al

Aly or Handala or both. Maybe even show the face of

Handala that was never exposed before! 


Conditions: - Open to artists from anywhere in the world.

- Works must be in JPEG format, 300 dpi, A3 size.

- maximum of 2 works can be submitted per artist.

- Works can be black and white or colour, in any style or technique.

Prizes:  1st Prize 250$ (awarded by jury). / 2nd Prize 150$ (public vote on social media platforms). 

Submission: Please submit your artwork while stating your nationality, personal photo, social media channels and email to:

Deadline: 1st September 2021 

Disclaimer:By submitting an entry, the entrant certifies that the work is his own and permits the organisers to reproduce all or part of the entered material for publication free of charge and/or display in media related to the competition. 

II. Cartoon:  Theme “Good Tourism/Bad Tourism”

As with most of the things in life, tourism has two sides. On the one hand it is beneficial in boosting the local economy offering jobs and income to the local community. On the other hand it brings challenges and difficulties because of different cultures and traditions.

We would love for the participating artist to highlight these two sides using their witt and talent.

Conditions:- Open to artists from anywhere in the world.

- Cartoons must not have any caption or comment.

- Works must be in JPEG format, 300 dpi, A3 size.

- maximum of 2 works can be submitted per artist.

- Works can be black and white or colour, in any style or technique. 

Prizes:  1st Prize 250$ (awarded by jury). / 2nd Prize 150$ (public vote on social media platforms). 

Submission:  Please submit your artwork while stating your nationality, personal photo, social media channels and email to:

Deadline: 1st September 2021 

Disclaimer: By submitting an entry, the entrant certifies that the work is his own and permits the organisers to reproduce all or part of the entered material for publication free of charge and/or display in media related to the competition.

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