Thursday, May 05, 2022

VIII Biennial of Humour Luiz d'Oliveira Guimarães - Espinhal / Penela Portugal 2022

Deadline - 15th May


Theme: The importance of animals in our lives

One Organization: Penela City Council / Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal / Oliveira Guimarães House Museum

A Production: Humorgrafe - Artistic Director: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa (

           The Bienal where humor does not need colors, just a smile, philosophical intelligence and a simple and direct color – black and white (monochromatic). More important than the awards is having a voice, expressing your humor, your irreverent ideas in communion with the community.

1 - Theme: Animals, Man and the Planet

a) Cartoon - The use of animals as satire / The political animal that governs us / Domestic animals in our life / Animals and the life of the planet - Zoomorfisms, anthropomorphisms, ironies, fables, apologists, graphic maxims, satires and caricatures of the what is happening in this animal universe on planet earth, that they talk about the «political animals» they know, the domestic animals with which they share the joys and sorrows and the concerns that we should have in relation to the future of «animalitas», of mother Gaia, whether say, from planet Earth.

b) As a subgroup, within the scope of the portrait-charge / Caricature we will privilege animal caricatures (exaggerated and comical) or zoomorphic portraits of personalities linked to the defense and investigation of animal life on the planet.

2 - Open to the participation of all graphic artists with humor, professionals or amateurs.

3 - Deadline: May 15th, 2022. They should be sent to, or (If they do not receive confirmation of receipt, resend SFF).

4 - Each artist can send, via e-mail in digital format (300 dpis A4 size) up to 4 monochrome works (one color with all its shades - 2, 3 or 4 color drawings are not accepted - open to all techniques and styles such as caricature, cartoon, humorous drawing, comic strip, comic strip (story on a single board) ... these should be accompanied with information of name, date of birth, address and e-mail.

5 - The works will be judged by a prior selection jury made up of specialists in the field (Saskia Gheysens - European Cartoon Center - Belgium; Leila Alaiy from Tabriz Cartoon - Iran; Isel Chacon director of the S. Antonio de los Baños Humor Museum - Cuba; the cartoonist Nani Mosquera - Colombia; the cartoonist Omar Túrcios -Colombia; the honored cartoonist Zé Oliveira - Portugal and Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa - Artistic Director of BHLOG) whose result will then be submitted to a final jury made up of the same members plus two representatives Penela City Council; a representative of the Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal and a representative of the Oliveira Guimarães family, with the following awards being granted:

1st Prize of the VIII BHLOG 2022 (€ 2,000)

2nd Prize of the VIII BHLOG 2022 (€ 1,500)

3rd Prize of the VIII BHLOG 2022 (€ 1,000)

VIII BHLOG 2022 Caricature Award (€ 1,200)

The Jury, at its discretion, may award “Special Awards” (António Oliveira Guimarães, Leonor Oliveira Guimarães, Municipality of Penela, Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal and Humorgrafe), as an honorary title, with the right to a trophy.

6 - The Jury grants the right to make a selection of the best works to exhibit in the available space and catalog edition (which will be sent to all artists with reproduced work).

7 - The Organization will inform all artists by e.mail if they have been selected for the exhibition and catalog, and which artists have been awarded. The works awarded with remuneration are automatically acquired by the Organization. The originals of the winning entries must be delivered to the Organization (the original in computer-made works is a high quality A4 hand-signed, 1/1 numbered print), because without this delivery, the prize money will not be unlocked.

8 - Reproduction rights are the property of the Organization as soon as it is for the promotion of this organization and are punctually discussed with the authors in the case of other uses.

9 - For further information contact the Artistic Director: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa ( or VIII Humor Biennial Luís d'Oliveira Guimarães, Culture Sector, Penela City Hall, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal.

10 - The VIII Humor Biennial Luís Oliveira Oliveira Guimarães - Espinhal / Penela 2022, opens on September 3 at the Espinhal Cultural Center, but may also be exhibited in other places to be designated.






Apelido / Surname: _________________________________________________________

Nome Próprio / First Name: __________________________________________________

Morada / Address: Street: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Nº ______________

Código Postal / Postcode: _____________________________________________

Cidade / City: ________________________________________________________

País / Country: ____________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________

Telefone / Telephone: __________________________

Male         Female

Obras / Works: ______________________________________


And in collaboration with Cartooning for Peace and



Key words: Inequalities / denied rights / famine / migration / poverty / pandemics / wars / hegemonies / dictatorships / misinformation / ignorance.

For the first time in its long history, humanity is in increasing, perhaps inevitable, danger of extinction as a result of human activity.

Until yesterday, we were focused on the growing ecological threats. Air, water, sea and nature pollution, global warming and climate change have reached unsustainable levels. Human survival is at stake.

Since 24 February 2022, the existence of planet Earth is once again threatened by the outbreak of a nuclear war! A risk we had forgotten since the end of the Cold War.

With this return of tragic times, humanity may collapse. While waiting a doomsday scenario, humans must reconcile with themselves and with their history. They must understand that this is not only an environmental issue but above all a geopolitical, political, economic and social issues. On a global scale.

Inequality, violated rights, demography, migration, poverty, pandemics, wars, geopolitical power struggles and hegemonies, dictatorships, misinformation, ignorance, are all open issues that can produce world upheavals in a short time.

Humanity must act, and act quickly.  Humans are their own fate.

1-DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF Cartoons: 1 June 2022

2-PARTICIPATION: Open competition to all specialized cartoonists

3-CARTOONS: Each participant can propose 1 and maximum 2 works realized during the last years, but not awarded or presented in other competitions.

The works should preferably be without text.

If a text is required, it must be accompanied by a translation into English or Italian.

4-SUBMISSION of Cartoons and entry form:  Exclusively via:

- The entry form must be completed in full in order to allow the exhibition and publication of the cartoons and CVs, as well as ensure contacts with the authors;

- The attached works must be sent in electronic format, in high definition, in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format.

Minimum resolution of 300 dpi, in JPG or TIFF format in maximum quality.

Attention :

Entries that do not meet the requirements (articles 1, 2, 3 and 4) will be eliminated.

5-SELECTION OF cartoons:  A pre-jury will select the 55 semifinalists

-                     An international jury, made up of international cartoonists, journalists and chaired by Thierry Vissol, the director of Libex, will select three winners, and the 10 cartoons with an honorable mention.

6-Libex PRIZE - Giuseppe di Vagno Foundation (1889-1921).

·                    1st prize: € 600,00

·                    2nd prize: € 400,00

·                    3rd prize: € 200,00

·                    The ten first caroons selected by the Jury will also be published as postcards.


The award ceremony will take place on the 26th of September 2020 on the occasion of the closing of the 18th edition of the Festival Lector In Fabula.

-                     If security conditions permit, the award ceremony will take place in the presence of the winning artists.

-                     Travel and accommodation expenses of the winners will be covered by the Giuseppe Di Vagno Foundation.

8-EXHIBITION & CATALOGUE - The 55 semifinalists’ cartoons will be exhibited in the cloister of the Monastery of San Benedetto in Conversano (BA - Italy) and published in a full-colour printed catalogue.

9-RIGHTS OF THE SUBMITTED WORKS: By participating in the competition, the authors transfer to the Centre Libex-Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno (1889-1921) the non-exclusive right to publish the works on any medium for promotional purposes, without claiming any copyright or reproduction rights.

10-CONTACT - For any problems or questions regarding the exhibition and the prizes, please contact :  Secretariat: Alessia Ciuffolini -


11-PRIVACY - We will not use your data for any purpose other than this competition or for commercial purposes. We will not share them with third parties.


Libex-Fondazione Giuseppe di Vagno (1889-1921)

Via San benedetto, 18 - FR- 70014 Conversano (BA)

Thursday, April 28, 2022




                This summer we are holding a retrospective of the Palma d’Oro winners (Peynet, Mordillo, Quino, Cavandoli, De Angelis etc…) and also invite cartoonists to draw on “The world of Automobile, today and in the future” to compare with the drawings on the same subject showed in the year 1957 and 1994.! I


                This invitation is reserved for professional cartoonists, illustrators and artists.

                During the month of August, as part of the "International Humor Show 2022: The Retrospective", two selections of car drawings will also be presented. One dates back to 1957, when the imposed theme principle was first introduced, and the other to 1994, when the car was chosen as the subject of the year for the second time.

                Today we are curious to discover how humorists interpret, in 2022, this essential medium that evolves over time.

                For this reason the Associazione Salone Internazionale Umorismo® a non profit organisation, solicits your imagination to drawings on the theme: "THE WORLD OF THE AUTOMOBILE: TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE"

                To partecipate: all you have to do is fill in the participation form below, including the required biography (500 characters maximum) by June 1st 2022 at midnight UTC.

                once the participation request has been received and verified, we will activate a Google Drive folder and we will notify you of the url to access it so that you can upload the digital files no later than June 15, 2022 at midnight UTC.

                The works, limited to three per author, must measure a maximum of 25x35 cm, Tiff format, at 300 dpi.



Claudio Marchiori


Associazione Salone Internazionale Umorismo


International Exhibition of Art and Architecture Metamorfosart #4

 After successfully holding the international art and architecture exhibition "Metamorfosart #3" last year in 2021, which was attended by 200 artists from 31 countries, the Islamic Art and Architecture Study Program of UIN Walisongo Semarang will again hold a similar event in collaboration with artists and the art community.  We are very diverse and appreciate your participation in the exhibition.

                This year's Metamorfosart raises the theme of spirituality, moderation and peace.

                The choice of theme is aligned with the current world cultural situation which is still plagued by conflict, hostility, violence, and the threat of economic recession and nuclear war.

                The theme will become the center of the field of interpretation, spirit, and inspiration for artists in the creative process of creating works of art.

                This year's Metamorfosart #4 was held by the Islamic Art and Architecture Study Program by involving artists and art communities from Semarang, Solo, and Yogyakarta who have been active in the arts.

                The togetherness of local artists and art communities in this international exhibition held by the UIN Walisongo Campus shows a positive synergy between the campus world and the arts community which seems to be a trend in the practice of contemporary art that is increasingly diverse and rich.

                Starting from the Metamorfosart #4 series, which was launched on Sunday, April 10, 2022, in the form of an activity to draw an architectural sketch of the magnificent UIN Walisongo Rectorate building.  This event will be followed up with a similar event, namely nyeket with several objects of worship in the city of Semarang which will be facilitated by the Mayor of Semarang on May 14, 2022.

                The works of these artists will also be displayed in an international exhibition at the end of May at the Nusantara Gallery – FUHUM  UIN Walisongo.

                We invite your participation in this year's international Metamorfosart exhibition with the following conditions:

                1. The exhibition is open to all  artists from all over the world.

                2. The work was made within the last 1 year.

                3. Each artist submits only 1 work.

                4. Works in the form of architectural designs, architectural sketches, paintings, calligraphy, illustrations, cartoons, and drawings.

                5. The maximum size of the artwork in A3, photograph, or scanned in 300 Dpi, JPEG or TIFF format, complete with bio data and description of the work in .doc format.

                6. The deadline for submission of works is May 15, 2022.

                7. The exhibition will be held on May 25 – June 10, 2022 at the Nusantara Gallery – ISAI campus 2 UIN Walisongo.

                8. Address for submission of works

                9. Each participant will receive an e-certificate and e-catalog

                Warm regard,

                Abdullah Ibnu Thalhah

                Department of Islamic Art and Architecture

                UIN Walisongo Semarang - Indonesia


Saturday, April 23, 2022

29th International Exhibition of Arts of Humor, Spain 2022

The Quevedo Institute of Arts of Humor through The General Foundation of the University of Alcalá announces the 29th International Exhibition of Arts of Humor around the subject: "CHILDREN WITH NOT SMILES".

War, hunger, exploitation child labor: childhood ruined». There will be more information about the subject in the website

1- Participation is open to all the persons older than 18.

2- In order to participate in the Exhibition, every artist must send a piece on the theme « CHILDREN WITH NOT SMILES. War, hunger, exploitation-child labor: childhood ruined». 

- It can be a vignette, a comic strip or a caricature. The organization reserves the right to invite those authors that the organization members agree to consider important for the exhibition.

3- The works must be original and must be signed. They can be made with any technique and in any format, with maximum dimensions of A3 (297x420 mm), preferably vertically, since the catalog will follow these proportions.

4- All art pieces will be sent before 29th May 2022. Together with the piece, the authors must send the filled formulary attached to these requirements.

- Those made using traditional techniques will be sent to the following address:

Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá

Muestra Internacional de las Artes del Humor

C/ Nueva, 4.     28801 Alcalá de Henares    Madrid (España)

- For digital works, they must be made in formats JPG or TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and they must be sent to

It is essential to comply with the noted date for the adequate planning of the catalogue and design of the exhibition.

5- All pieces will be sent properly wrapped. It is recommended to protect them with flat cardboard. The organization won't take responsibility on any possible damage occurred during transportation. Mailing costs will be the responsibility of the participants in this call, and the organization will not assume any costs (e.g. customs charges) or any liability in the event of damage or loss of the work. 

6- A Selection Comission will carry out a selection of the pieces submitted, that will be exhibited in the 29th International Exhibition of the Arts of Humor in september-november.

7- All pieces submitted will be kept at the Graphic Humor Archives of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá, except specific indication to the contrary, for which the artist must write on the reverse of the piece “Devolución/Return”.

8- The submission of the piece means that the author authorizes the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá to reproduce it and exhibit it, as long as the name of the artist is displayed and the objective is the media coverage of the Exhibition and the rest of activities of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá within the field of Graphic Humor and/or of this call (edition of catalogues, posters, leaflets, media coverage, web page, etc.), and in any case it generates any type of obligation on the author's part. 

9- The organization will communicate through the Exhibition web page the list of participants with submitted piece and the list of selected pieces.

10- At the end of the exhibition in Alcalá, those people with selected pieces will receive a copy of the catalogue, which will be edited to mark the celebration of the Exhibition.

11- The organization reserves the right to not exhibit those pieces considered to infringe individual or collective rights.

12- The participants will be responsible before any claim on the authorship of the works. The organization will not be responsible before any claim made by a third party upon the violation of intellectual rights or property of the works.

13- The participation on this Exhibition means the acceptance of these conditions of entry.


32nd International Festival of Satirical Graphics & Humorous Literature in Romania

"HUMOUR  AT ... GURA HUMORULUI", The International Festival of Cartoon & Humorous Literature, The 32nd edition, 2022

 The 32nd edition of Humour at ... Gura Humorului, the International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature will be held between July, 8  – July, 10,  2022. This year's edition will be held online.


            1. The Edition theme: FAKE NEWS
            2. Original works are accepted, in digital format, created after January, 1st, 2022, which were not published and submitted or awarded prizes too anther competitions.

            3. Each participant will submit two ( 2 )cartoons to be analysed by the jury.

            4.The works will be submitted by JUNE16, 2022 (posting date) on the following addresses: email:  or postal address: Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina, Piaţa Republicii, nr. 2, 725300 - Gura Humorului, judeţul Suceava, România.

            5. Technical requirements:

- Papers sent by e-mail: minimum1600 x 1200 pixels, JPG format

- Papers sent by regular postal mail: format A 3

- The technique used for the works will be at the free choice of the artist

            6. The works are not to be returned. They will be added to the patrimony of the  Humour at ... Gura Humorului Festival and the organizers are entitled to use them later as edited materials with the name of their author on them.

            7. The participants are required the following documents enclosed with their works: the completed entry form attached, a brief CV and a personal photography/cartoon self portrait of minim 6x9cm ( on paper) or 710x1065pix. (digital format).

            8. The winners will be announced online on June16, 2022, and the diplomas will be sent by mail and the cash prizes by bank transfer.. 

            9. The prizes to be awarded:

1st Prize :       EUR 500

2nd Prize :      EUR 300

3rd Prize         EUR 200

The "George Gavrilean" Prize for the debutantes in Bucovina   -   EUR 200

            10. The jury are the ones who decide upon awarding or not awarding or re-allocating the prizes. In addition, the jury will decide upon the works or the authors to be rewarded by sponsors, associations, mass-media, institutions, commercial societies or private persons, with their consent.

11. There will be no participation fees.

Further information:

The Bureau of Press Relations of „Humour  at ...  Gura Humorului” Festival

• Curator Galavan Robert George - Folk Customs Museum in Bucovina ( Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina )

Telephone:   00 40 757485882


• Professor Sever Dumitrache – cultural adviser

Telepfone : 00 40 723270520

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Apresentação do livro “Rostos Graníticos - Memórias da Aldeia de Cabeçudos”, de Hermínio Felizardo, dia 24 de Abril no Pavilhão Polivalente de Santo António das Areias

O Município de Marvão informa que a apresentação do livro “Rostos Graníticos - Memórias da Aldeia de Cabeçudos”, de Hermínio Felizardo, inicialmente agendada para a Igreja Matriz, terá lugar no Pavilhão Polivalente de Santo António das Areias, a partir das 18h00 de domingo, dia 24 de abril.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022



​Deadline:MAY 24TH 2022

Our organization will create a satiric humor space where visitors will have a different perspective on this theme, discussed by international personalities coming from areas such as economy, politics, press, etc. 

There will be a constant presence of real life humorist, cartoonist and illustrators, and we will set up the exhibition "Smiles from the world” of cartoons and humor illustrations in the stand hosting us.

Visitors will be invited to vote for the best cartoons and humorous illustrations among the exposed artworks.

The prize for the First place will consist in a Voucher for a vacation in Trentino of 3 days/2 nights offered by "Trento - Monte Bondone" Tourist Board.

The exhibition will be visible online on Studio d’Arte Andromeda and Provincia Autonoma di Trento's websites and on the official Economics Festival's Website

Digital Format: A4 - MAX 1MB, 300 DPI, JPG.

Sending the works: 

Greetings to everyone,

Studio d'Arte Andromeda



Via Malpaga, 17 - 38122 Trento (Italy)


Edizione del Festival dell’Economia che si terrà a Trento dal 2 al 5 giugno 2022.





Data: 24 MAGGIO 2021 

La nostra associazione si impegnerà, anche per questa edizione, a creare uno spazio umoristico satirico dove si possa gustare da una prospettiva differente la tematica dell’informazione.

Oltre alla presenza diretta di alcuni umoristi e caricaturisti allestiremo la mostra “Sorrisi dal mondo” di vignette satiriche e umoristiche presso lo stand in cui saremo ospitati. 

Il pubblico partecipante sarà invitato tramite votazione, a selezionare tre opere vincitrici tra quelle esposte.

Il vincitore (Primo Premio) riceverà un Voucher messo a disposizione dell’Azienda Provinciale per il Turismo di Trento per un soggiorno in Trentino di 3 giorni/2 notti.

La mostra sarà visibile anche online, sul sito dello Studio d’Arte Andromeda, sul sito della Provincia Autonoma di Trento e sul Sito Ufficiale del Festival dell’Economia.

Formato digitale:

A4 - MAX 1MB, 300 DPI, JPG.

Indirizzo di spedizione:

Un caro saluto a tutti,

Studio d'Arte Andromeda

Monday, April 18, 2022



Thursday, April 14, 2022

14th Biennial international cartoon contest, FRAŠTACKÝ TŔŇ 2022

Contest conditions: 


A/ Energy

B/ Free theme

1. contestant is obliged to send minimum 2 works on topic A and 2 works on topic B.

2. works must be originals.

3. size of the work is free – we recomend A4.

4. the drawing technique is free.

5. it is advisable that the works do not contain text or comments.

6. write, please, your name, age, profession, address, telephone number and email on the back side of the work.

7. awarded works will become in the possession of the organisers.

8. other entries can be returned to the request of the author.

9. all contest works can be used for promotional and other purposes.

10. the participants accept the conditions of the contest by sending their application.

11. foreign participants are required to communicate in English in their correspondence with organisers of the contest.

12. the deadline for sending the contest works is August 10, 2022 to the address:


Závalie 3/A, P.O.BOX 52, 920 01 Hlohovec


13. write, please, on envelope: FRAŠTACKÝ TŔŇ 2022.

14. The jury session will be held on August 25, 2022. Awarded contestants will be informed about results by letter.


1st prize – 300,- EUR

2nd prize – 200,- EUR

3rd prize - 100,- EUR


The jury reserves the right to award other prizes or not to award a prize if the contest works do not reach a satisfactory level.

The ceremonial announcement of the results of the contest and opening of the exhibition will be held on September 30, 2022 in Hlohovec, The Homeland Museum Gallery, Rázusova st. 6

More information: František Bojničan: +421 905/352 506,


7th International Contest Animal Cartoon, Belgrade 2022

Portal Animal Cartoon, Belgrade

·   Informatika, Belgrade

·   Zoological Garden, Belgrade

  are organizing cartoon contest on theme "Elephant".

A. Participation - The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world, over the age of 18, regardless of nationality, religion, gender and education. 

B. Cartoon theme: Elephant

C. Artworks - Send by e-mail on address:

Only the original artworks (up to 5) in digital form send by e-mail will be accepted.
Digital works (A4, up to 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF, the maximum length per one artworks 3 MB - Biggest artworks than 3 MB will not be opened niether accepted) with personal information - name, address, e-mail, cartoonist photo and brief CV (doc format, NOT PDF) should be sent by e-mail. 

Condensed file zip, rar, etc... WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The cartoons must not be previously awarded. Only drawing cartoons, not combined with photos. 

Arrived submissions that passed the pre-selection will be immediately published on the portal Animal cartoon.

D. Deadline - Entry deadline is August 28, 2022.

E. Prizes and awards

First prize      300 € - neto

Second prize  200 € - neto

Third prize     150 € - neto 

It will be also awarded 10 diplomas.

F. Exhibition - The exhibition will be staged in Zoological Garden Belgrade (BEO ZOO VRT) from  October 1st, 2022 to October 1st, 2023.

The exhibition will be shown in other towns in Serbia and abroad.

G. Catalog - All participants of the competition will be able to download the catalog in PDF format from our portal.

H. Other conditions - The organizers reserve the right to use them for various purposes without any obligation to compensate for it. The works will be included in the permanent exhibition and archive portal Animal Cartoon. 

By submitting works is considered that the authors accept these rules. 

Arrived artworks remain the property of the organizers.

Špiro RADULOVIĆ, cartoonist 

Manager of Portal Animal cartoon 

Saturday, April 02, 2022

4th international cartoon competition & exhibition, Malaysia 2022

1. Theme:  UNITY

The country's harmony depends on the state of unity among its people that comprises of various races, cultures and religions. However, you are free to creatively interprete its meaning in your cartoon ( Info about  Malaysia please google: malaysian culture and traditions)

2. Cartoons must match the theme

3. A3 size, 300 DPI, 5 MB, Maximum 5

4. Sent via email :

5. Deadline : 15 July 2022

6. By sending it means that the cartoonist agrees that his work will be used for the promotion, exhibition and  in various forms


First place:               RM1,500.00

Second place:           RM1,300.00

Thirt place:               RM1,000.00

3 consolations

7. Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation and sent by e-mail

8. Thank you for your participation. 

Organize: Balai Kartun Rossem (BKR) in collaboration with the Kelantan  State Government.


Friday, April 01, 2022


Inauguración 5 DE ABRIL A LAS 10:00H

(Pl. Rodríguez Marín, 28801 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid)

La exposición permanecerá abierta al público hasta el 8 de mayo.


Thursday, March 31, 2022

«HUMORES DO MUNDO, MUNDO DOS HUMORES»-Livro de Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa editado pela Amazon


Estas crónicas foram escritas entre Janeiro e Maio de 2021 como terapia ocupacional em tempos de confinamento do Covid19. Como eram, inicialmente, para o jornal «Trevim» não deveriam exceder os 3.000 caracteres. Alguns consegui, outros não…. Entretanto têm sido publicadas no site HumorSapiens.

Contactei mais de uma centena de artistas dos cinco continentes, na tentativa de melhor conhecer como vão os humores por esse planeta fora, seja no passado, seja no presente. Infelizmente nem metade me responderam, e alguns, apesar de prometerem enviar as respostas, nunca o fizeram. Por desinteresse? Por desconhecerem a História e do que se passa para além da sua pessoa? Por medo de represálias por darem opiniões pouco favoráveis acerca do seu país?

A Margarida, minha esposa, companheira e revisora dos meus textos, conforme ia lendo, desabafava: «Mas que tristeza! A Humanidade não avança mesmo nada. Quando pensamos que o mundo está melhor, afinal continua sempre a mesma opressão, tristeza…».

Quando idealizei estas crónicas, pensava que iria mergulhar no oceano da História, na alma ancestral dos humores, mas o que acabou por acontecer foi constatar que o tempo, a ciência, a economia, avançam, mas não o ser humano. Foi ouvir as eternas queixas dos irreverentes, foi constatar a eterna luta do Sísifo humorista para que a sociedade atinga o cume do Olimpo dos bons humores, com liberdade de expressão e criatividade, em vez de se manter no Hades das tragédias, prepotências e maus humores do poder.

Mas não foram em vão estas conversas, porque apesar destes meus quarenta anos de demanda pelos meandros dos humores, acabei por aprender muito, não só sobre o mundo, como sobre mim próprio. Primeiro descobri que já não sorrio também, ou tão bem, como deveria. Depois que já nem tudo me faz sorrir. Por outro lado, descobri novas perspectivas, novas visões sobre o cómico e o humor.

Obrigado, humoristas que alegram as nossas vidas, que nos fazem parar nesta correria stressante para ver, pensar, meditar, apreciar a existência, que não nos deixam cair na apatia de uma sociedade conformada, acomodada no politicamente correcta, na demagogia pós-moderna da comunicação social e governamental.


 organisation : Mairie de Penela / Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal / Maison-Musée Oliveira Guimarães

Une Production : Humorgrafe - Direction Artistique : Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa (


La Biennale où l'humour n'a pas besoin de couleurs, juste d'un sourire, d'une intelligence philosophique et d'une couleur simple et directe – le noir et le blanc et leurs teintes (monochromatiques). Plus important que les prix, c'est d'avoir une voix, d'exprimer votre humour, vos idées irrévérencieuses en communion avec la communauté.


1 - Thème : Les animaux, l'homme et la planète

a) L'utilisation des animaux comme satire / L'animal politique qui nous gouverne / Les animaux domestiques dans notre vie / Les animaux et la vie de la planète - Zoomorfismes, anthropomorphismes, ironies, fables, apologistes, maximes graphiques, satires et caricatures du ce qui se passe dans cet univers animal sur la planète terre, qu'ils parlent des «animaux politiques» qu'ils connaissent, des animaux domestiques avec lesquels ils partagent les joies et les peines et les inquiétudes que nous devrions avoir par rapport à l'avenir des « animalitas » , de la mère Gaia, que ce soit dire, de la planète Terre.

b) En tant que sous-groupe, dans le cadre du portrait-charge / Caricature nous privilégierons les caricatures animalières (exagérées et comiques) ou les portraits zoomorphes de personnalités liées à la défense et à l'investigation de la vie animale sur la planète.

2 - Ouvert à tous les graphistes avec humour, professionnels ou amateurs.

3 – Date limite : 15 mai 2022. Ils doivent être envoyés à, ou (Si vous ne recevez pas d'accusé de réception, renvoyez à nouveau SFF).

4 - Chaque artiste peut envoyer, par e-mail au format numérique (format A4 300 dpis) jusqu'à 4 oeuvres monochromes (une couleur avec toutes ses teintes - les dessins en 2, 3 ou 4 couleurs ne sont pas acceptés - ouvert à toutes les techniques et à tous les styles tels que caricature, cartoon, dessin humoristique, strip, bande dessinée (récit sur une seule planche)... et ceux-ci doivent être accompagnés d'informations sur le nom, la date de naissance, l'adresse et l'e-mail.

5 - Les œuvres seront jugées par un jury de sélection préalable composé de spécialistes du domaine (sites de dessins animés et directeurs d'autres festivals internationaux) dont le résultat sera ensuite soumis à un jury final composé de représentants de la mairie de Penela ; représentant du conseil paroissial d'Espinhal; représentant de la famille Oliveira Guimarães; par le directeur artistique de la Biennale et un à deux artistes invités, les prix suivants étant décernés :

1er Prix du VIII BHLOG- 2022 (2 000 €)

2ème Prix du VIIIBHLOG- 2022 (1 500 €)

3e Prix du VIII BHLOG- 2022 (1 000 €)

Prix ​​de la Caricature du VIII BHLOG- 2022 (1 200 €)

Le Jury, s'il le souhaite, peut décerner des «Prix spéciaux» (António Oliveira Guimarães, Leonor Oliveira Guimarães, Municipalité de Penela, Conseil Paroissial d'Espinhal et Humorgrafe), à ​​titre honorifique, avec droit à un trophée.

6 - Le Jury a le droit de faire une sélection des meilleures œuvres à exposer dans l'espace disponible et l'édition du catalogue (qui sera envoyé à tous les artistes avec des œuvres reproduites).

7 – L'Organisation informera par email tous les artistes s'ils ont été sélectionnés pour l'exposition et le catalogue, et quels artistes ont été primés. Les œuvres primées contre rémunération sont automatiquement acquises à l'Organisation. Les originaux des œuvres gagnantes doivent être remis à l'Organisation (l'original dans les œuvres informatisées est une impression A4 de haute qualité, signée à la main et numérotée 1/1), car sans cette livraison, le prix monétaire ne sera pas libéré.

8 - Les droits de reproduction sont la propriété de l'Organisation, dès lors qu'il s'agit de la promotion de cette organisation, et discutés avec les auteurs, en cas d'autres utilisations.

9 - Pour plus d'informations, contactez le directeur artistique: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa ( ou la VIIIe Biennale de l'humour Luíz d'Oliveira Guimarães, Mário Duarte - Secteur de la culture, Mairie de Penela, Praça do Município, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal.

10 - La VIIIe Biennale d'humour Luís d' Oliveira Guimarães - Espinhal/Penela 2022, s'ouvre le 3 septembre au Centre culturel d'Espinhal, bien qu'elle puisse également être exposée dans d'autres lieux.





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Les animaux, l'homme et la planète


Nous sommes tous des animaux, malgré que l'animal humain essaie, psychologiquement et philosophiquement, de justifier qu'il est moins animal que le reste de l'animalité, car après tout nous sommes humains !!!!!!

Il est vrai que nous sommes une espèce de primates, "évolués", c'est-à-dire des animaux humains. Tout! Tous, même si, parfois, certains chefs, certaines « ethnies » et « tribus » tentent de présenter les « autres » comme des êtres moins humains, pour justifier leur violence, leurs préjugés mentaux et leur arrogance bestiale.

Fondamentalement, parler d'animalité, c'est parler de nous tous et de notre relation avec le reste de la nature, cet amalgame énergétique qui constitue la mère Gaïa, qui habite cette planète. Aujourd'hui, nous essayons bêtement et par ignorance de nous éloigner de notre animalité intérieure, cette énergie que les peuples ancestraux, les chamans invoquaient pour parler avec l'univers. Cette reconnaissance de l'animal en nous signifiait que, par exemple, lorsque nous avions besoin de tuer pour nous nourrir, nous savions demander pardon et dialoguer avec les autres afin de communier avec leurs énergies et de nous maintenir en bonne santé, corps et âme, comme ainsi que le maintien sont l'ensemble de l'écosystème. Or, en plus de tuer juste pour le plaisir, un sens destructeur et violent, nous finissons par être une espèce en voie de disparition, car nous sommes devenus égoïstes, solitaires et supérieurs, sans se soucier des biocénoses terrestres, tourmentés plus par l'économie immédiate que par la survie dans l'avenir de la planète et de l'humanité.

La réalité vivante est que nous nous comprenons à peine et que nous connaissons à peine la vie sur Terre. Nous sommes plus intéressés à chercher de nouveaux mondes, d'autres planètes, d'autres systèmes… plutôt que de trouver des solutions locales plus réalistes. Comment quelqu'un peut-il trouver un avenir s'il peut à peine voir, s'il connaît à peine sa planète et les animaux qui partagent le même espace ? Regarder les animaux, c'est prendre conscience de ce que nous nous faisons. Pour chacun qui s'éteint, une partie de nous s'éteint, comme un lien inséparable avec Gaïa, lié à la nature, à la planète, dans un suicide lent et inconscient.

Luíz d'Oliveira Guimarães, ainsi que toute sa famille, était un amoureux des animaux. Comme il l'avouera lui-même, « j'ai un diplôme qui me plaît beaucoup : celui de membre honoraire de la Ligue de protection des animaux. J'adore les animaux. Ils sont ma chose préférée dans la vie. Tout au long de sa vie, il finira par héberger plusieurs compagnons chez lui, tant dans sa «Quinta do Castelo» à Espinhal, que dans sa résidence à Lisbonne. D'un âne qu'on lui a offert quand il avait huit ans, à un perroquet, un coq dressé, qui marchait sur un fil, et des chats - en plus de Zizi, de Coco, Reineta et Facada, Turin qui a même mangé au table assise sur une chaise bébé, et qui finirait par être la préférée. Dans le monde canin, la complicité ne serait pas en reste avec les duos Samson et Dalila, Roméo et Juliette, Mars et Diane ou Raposão, mais Draga, une Serra da Estrela qui a même eu le privilège de dormir dans sa chambre, finirait par étant le plus apprécié.

Éduqué entre la campagne et la ville, il avait une conscience animale plus humaniste, connaissant et acceptant la condition des autres animaux comme "nourriture", comme "esclaves" au travail, comme compagnons, mais aussi une conscience de l'obligation d'être bien traité. , préoccupation qui n'était pas normale et défendue dans la société à l'époque. Cependant, malgré l'activité prolifique de textes écrits sur les sujets les plus divers et, pour paraphraser le dicton "chaque singe dans sa branche", comme l'animal n'était pas d'actualité et n'intéressait pas la presse à l'époque, pratiquement rien n'a été écrit à leur sujet.

Nous vivons à d'autres époques. De plus en plus, nous sommes conscients du mal que l'humanité fait au monde, à la nature, sachant que si nous ne les protégeons pas et ne les aimons pas, nous nous tuerons. Lorsque nous dépensons des millions à essayer de connaître d'autres étoiles, l'univers, nous sommes de plus en plus conscients du peu que nous savons de notre planète, de notre flore et de notre faune, étant constamment surpris par de nouvelles découvertes.

Nous savons que nous ne savons rien de l'Animal - des humains et des non-humains, du politique et de l'apolitique, et à ce titre, ceux qui ont le sens de l'humour ou non, ceux qui rient entre eux et ceux qui rient entre eux … Combien de fois avez-vous regardé un autre animal et pensé : vous moquez-vous de moi ?

Il n'y a pas d'animal plus ridicule que l'humain, qui se considère supérieur et prend des attitudes grotesques qui remettent en cause son existence même... mythifications, métaphores, allégories et autres artifices de l'esprit parodient tout le complexe animal dit humain et inhumain.

Historiquement, c'est par la métaphore animale que l'Homme a commencé à apprendre à mieux se connaître, s'observant avec ironie et satire dans le miroir de la planète, comme en témoignent les gravures égyptiennes, grecques et romaines... fables, bestiaires... oraux, graphiques et humour littéraire.

Ce que nous attendons des artistes participant à cette Biennale, c'est qu'ils nous fassent rire, ou sourire (parfois même pleurer) en zoomorphismes, anthropomorphismes, ironies, fables, apologistes, maximes graphiques, satires et caricatures de ce qui se passe dans cet univers animalier sur planète Terre. Qu'ils parlent des « animaux politiques » qu'ils connaissent, des animaux domestiques dont ils partagent les joies et les peines, et des inquiétudes que nous devrions avoir par rapport à l'avenir des « animalités », de la mère Gaïa, c'est-à-dire de la planète Terre .

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