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1 – The contest is open to all (over 18 years) amateur or professional cartoonist or any one who could submit a cartoon regardless individual's race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, or other protected characteristic.


A) Olive

Olive, Olive and Time, Olive and History, Olive and Mythology, Olive and Technology, Olive and Cyprus, Olive and Life, Olive and Peace, Olive and Conflict, Olive and War, Olive and Health, Olive and Women, Olive and Men, Olive and Children, Olive Oil, Olive Branch, Olive Tree, Benefits of Olive, Olive and Olive Mill/Press, Banning of Uprooting, Burning and Cutting Down Olive Trees and so forth.

B) Free Subject

Any topic can be drawn.

3 – All Submissions must be in the form of cartoon. Any painting or illustrations will not be accepted and will be disqualified. Cartoons must be without words

4 – All submissions must be originals. Submission dimensions: A4 or A3 in any color or black and white. Each entrant must provide name and surname, address, phone number including country code, and email address on the back of the submission; each entrant should also provide short background and a photo (optional) on a separate A4.

5 – Submission of materials, which has previously been submitted and or presented and or published elsewhere, is welcomed providing copyright is not infringed, however previously any award wining material cannot be submitted.

6 – All work submitted for evaluation by the International Selection Committee and work of finalist will be published at official web page of the contest. In addition submissions will be reviewed and evaluated for plagiarism by international associations. If Plagiarism detected and or any previously award wining material submitted, submissions will be canceled and the next eligible entry will be considered for the prize.

7 – It is possible to participate in the contest with two works in both sections.

(2 + 2 = 4) However, one participant receives only one prize per episode. If any cartoonist has won the Grand Prize, he cannot receive another prize in that department.

8 – All submission must be received by APRIL 30, 2022 at the address provided below.

9 – All submission, awarded or not, will be kept and archived by Cypriot – Turkish Cartoonist Association at the newly established “International Cyprus Cartoon Museum.”

10 – All prize winner submissions and selected works by the Steering Committee will be published in a album. In addition, the 21th Olive Festival will be exhibited in 2022.

11 – The results of the contest will be published thru media and prizing winning entrants will be informed by contact information provided.

12 – The Kyrenia Municipality and Cypriot – Turkish Cartoonist Association will have the publishing rights to exhibition, publish or print, in any media or format, any or all submissions.

13 – All persons entering the contest agree that the rules of the contest as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on them. And all submissions could be published and printed by the Kyrenia Municipality and Cypriot – Turkish Cartoonist Association as set out in these terms and conditions without any future compensation.

PRIZES: Grand Prize: 15.000 Turkish Lira + Golden Olive Statue + Diploma.


First Prize: 5.000 Turkish Lira + Golden Olive Statue + Kyrenia Municipality Prize (Diploma)

Second Prize: Silver Olive Statue + Cyprus Turkish Cartoonists Association Prize (Diploma)

Third Prize: Bronze Olive Statue + Olive Festival Prize (Diploma)

50 Finalist Prize


First Prize: 5.000 Turkish Lira + Golden Olive Statue + Kyrenia Mayor Special Prize (Diploma)

Second Prize: Silver Olive Statue + Olive Humor Festival Prize (Diploma)

Third Prize: Bronze Olive Statue + Ramiz Gokce Special Prize (Diploma)

50 Finalist Prize


April 30, 2022


Kıbrıs Türk Karikatürcüler Derneği

11. Uluslararası Karikatür Yarışması

Posta Kutusu: 455 (Post Code: 99000)

Lefkoşa – Kuzey Kıbrıs (Via Turkey)



6th International Cartoon Competition BEAVERS LAUGH 2022



1 February to 1 July 2022.

The 6th "BEAVERS LAUGH" Bobritsa Village Cartoon Competition (the Ukraine) is open to all graphic artists, who can enter works that have not been awarded until the closing date of the entries, in the cartoon, caricature and comics modalities (the comic strip should have only one page).

The official opening of the Exhibition will take place on 10 September 2022, with the announcement of the winners of the contest.

Each artist can enroll with the maximum of five (5) UNPUBLISHED works in the preferable format 30x40 cm (А4 minimum) and using any technique. On the back of each drawing, or in registration you must provide the author's full name, address (with ZIP code), email, phone number.

The artists can participate by sending their work:

(a) by email: (with maximum size of 10 megabytes of each artwork sent separately or 10 megabytes for all artworks)


(b) by post or courier mail:

Bobritsa Cartoon Competition 27 Naberezhaya Street,Bobritsa, Buchansky District, Kiev Region, 08142,UKRAINE


The main theme of the 6th Bobritsa Cartoon Competition is TEA-TIME / TEA-DRINKING.

Although the name of the contest is BEAVERS LAUGH (in Ukrainian language the name of the village Bobritsa originates from "beaver"), this does NOT mean that the artworks should be only about beavers. First of all, they should be original, smart and funny, so, please, do not restrict yourself to beavers as heroes!

Meantime, apart to the main theme of the contest we have our SPECIAL BEAVER AWARD for all «beavers» artworks as well!


First prize for the main theme: euro 500 (five hundred).

Second prize for the main theme: euro 300 (three hundred).

Third prize for the main theme: euro 200 (two hundred).

Appreciation awards (2): euro 100 (one hundred) each.

Special BEAVER AWARD (awarded for artworks where BEAVERS are the heroes regardless if they «fit» the main theme): euro 300 (three hundred).


- Before the official announcement of the winners by the Jury, the organizers reserve the right to publish electronic copies of the preliminary selected artworks (from which the Jury will make its final selection) in the internet with the purpose to determine with the help of the public if any of submitted artwork repeats or copies previously published cartoons.

- By sending his / her artwork to the contest the author gives to the organizers his / her permission to display publicly the artwork during the award ceremony as well as to publish it electronically on the official sites / pages of the contest in the internet or in other electronic and print media in connection with the promotion of the contest, advertisement and news / reports publishing. If you are not agree with this you should not send your artwork to us.

- The awarded artworks will be considered acquisitive and will become part the property of the organizers, and all winning artist assign their copyright and property rights worldwide to the organizers from the date when their artworks were submitted.

- The works will not be returned.

- May not participate in this competition officials of Bobritsa village community, the Jury, their relatives and anyone involved in the organization.

- The award cash amounts are payable only upon the receipt of the original artworks by the organizers of the Competition to the personal bank accounts (IBAN or another appropriate bank account number, full name of the bank, bank code (BIC / SWIFT), correspondent bank’s name and account (for non-EU banks)) of the winners provided in writing (email) along with copies of their passports / IDs (if required by our bank).

- The organizers have full discretion to decline any submission before the Jury's consideration and to revoke / cancel any prize awarded by the Jury in case of confirmed facts of plagiarism, repetition of the plot etc.

- By sending your artwork to the organizers you (participant) confirm his/her full agreement to all terms above.

For any information, please, contact:

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