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7 CONCURSO NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA - 2021 Homenaje a Elena Ospina, Colombia


1) Abierta a todos los caricaturistas profesionales del mundo, preferiblemente mayores de edad (18 años). 

Fecha Límite:  30 de septiembre del presente año (11:59 pm, hora COLOMBIA).

2) Habrán 2 categorías, Caricatura Fisonómica y  Humor gráfico. (No se aceptarán trabajos que no tengan relación con los temas de este año)

A.: Caricaturas fisonómicas de Elena Ospina (no retratos).

B. Humor gráfico: “Héroes de la Salud” - Homenaje gráfico y humorístico a la labor médica de todo el personal que ha atendido la emergencia sanitaria de pandemia que sufrimos aún hoy en día.

Los Trabajos deben enviarse por email únicamente a:

Más detalles en el link

Compartimos la convocatoria en español:

y en inglés:


Egypt Cartoon .. The 4th International Cartoon Festival in Kosovo


The International Cartoon Competition " Colombia the country we dream of" 2021

  The RAYED GRILLO calls on fellow cartoonists to graph the social requests for which it is fighting in all corners and cities of Colombia.The proposal goes beyond stating the complaint, we want clear ideas and positions to emerge of what we want as a nation.

Artists of any age and nationality can participate by attaching their information such as: name, age and email address.

The Jury is made up of Colombian cartoonists: NANI, BETTO and DON FINGO.

The jury will select TWO cartoons, by different authors and will give $ 300 thousand pesos as a stimulus to each one.

If the chosen person lives abroad, he will receive the equivalent of 300 thousand pesos in his national currency, including the value of the shipment.

Format: works in 300 dpi (letter or A4 size) free technique.

Closing Date: September 15, 2021

Unique shipping address:

El GRILLO RAYADO  convoca a  dibujantes a graficar las demandas sociales por las que se lucha en todos los rincones y ciudades de Colombia. La propuesta va más allá de plantear la denuncia, queremos que surjan ideas y posiciones claras de lo que queremos como nación.

Pueden participar artistas de cualquier edad y nacionalidad adjuntando sus datos como: nombre, edad y dirección de correo electrónico.

Formato: works in 300 dpi (letter or A4 size) free technique.

Fecha límite: September 15, 2021


The First International Festival of Peace Illustration in the Narrations of Saadi, Hafiz and Mowlana 2021

The First International Festival of Peace Illustration in the Narrations of Saadi, Hafiz and Mowlana

Theme: Peace and Friendship in the works of the three brilliant poets Saadi, Hafiz, and Mowlana

 For centuries, distinguished poets and scholars have admired the works of Saadi, Hafiz, and Mowlana, the three open minded Iranian Persian poets whose humanitarian thoughts are clearly reflected in their collected works. Their poems offer lots of recommendations on making peace and philanthropic efforts which can lay the ground for establishing peace and friendship between all people and nations.

The First International Festival of Peace Illustration in the Narrations of Saadi, Hafiz and Mowlana is hosted by Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran and the birthplace and home of Saadi and Hafiz, the two outstanding Persian poets who have gained worldwide fame.

The competition themes:

Peace and Friendship in the works of the three brilliant poets Saadi, Hafiz, and Mowlana


When territory can be taken by gentle means, Shed not blood by your strivings in conflict:

By your manhood! All earth’s rule Is not worth one blood-drop’s trickling to earth! I’ve heard that Jamshid of blessed constitution.

Wrote thus upon a stone above a wellspring: At this spring many like us have drawn breath,

Then gone on as they closed their eyes: We’ve taken the world in manliness and force,

But carried it not with us into the tomb!

Saadi: The sons of Adam are limbs of each other

Having been created of on essence. When the calamity of time afflicts one limb. The other limbs cannot remain at rest. If thou hast no sympathy for the name of a man.

Hafiz: Plant the tree of friendship, that, to fruit, the heart’s desire bringeth: Up-pluck the bush of enmity, that countless troubles bringeth.

Hafiz: The ease of two worlds is the explanation of these two words: With friends, kindness; with enemies, courtesy.

Hafiz: Be in love with God, the Only True Friend, and keep away from His enemies. Think fair and be fair so that you can turn evils away

Mowlana: If you are going to war with me here. I'll do keep peace with you dear

And if you start a war with me, I'll go to a peaceful place. As the God's world is not limited in any case. One world is at war but what reigns over the other world is peacefulness. It is only in the meaningful world that what matters is not to make conquest. Water and fire, like reason and love, are brothers. And they represent the same essence, although seemingly different to others.

Terms and Conditions:

1. It is a free to enter competition and open to anyone over the age of 18

2.  Participants are needed to provide their full names, postal address, email address, their phone number and submit a brief biography of themselves along with their submitted works.  

3.  Every participants should illustrate at least one of the poems specified by the competition organizers.

4.  At least a 3-step sequencing picture, i. e. three single or multiple framed illustration should be provided for each relevant poem.

5. Participants should send the selected poem(s) along with their submitted work(s).

6. Participants can submit one to five works for consideration.

7.  The illustrations can be black and white or colored. 

8. There is no limitation in the use of digital or manual painting techniques.

9.  To submit their works, participants should send them by email to the following address:

10. The submitted works should be in A3 or A4 paper sizes.

11. The size of the sent file should not be more than 2 MB.

12. The competition organizer, Shiraz Municipality, shall reserve its absolute right to publish the submitted works and use the selected works for the purposes of advertising or holding a public exhibition.

13. The selected works will be published in a high quality book-sized exhibition catalogue and sent to the selected artists.

14. Participants need to follow @peace_contest on Instagram for receiving important news about the reviewer panel, winners, and exhibition of the selected works.

15. Participants should ensure the originality of the submitted works and will be responsible for any potential legal consequences of violating the conditions of participation.


1st Prize: $1500 + Honorary Diploma + Shiraz Peace and Friendship Medal

2nd Prize: $900 + Honorary Diploma

3rd Prize: $600 + Honorary Diploma

Submission deadline: Oct. 31 2021

Contact us: E-mail:

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