Friday, January 17, 2020

The Motorist Great-Coalition (H-1132 Budapest,

The Motorist Great-Coalition (H-1132 Budapest, Váci street 18.) invites all professional and amateur caricaturists to the „Autószektor Cartoon Contest” with the following theme:

CAR NAVIGATION (GPS, map, wife, compass, sun, moon, stars ....)
1. All participants must be a natural person over 18.
2. The contest has 1 turn. Each competitor is allowed to participate in the competition with a maximum of 5 caricatures. Entries should not content any text and should be made in A4 format. File details: CYMK, JPG, good quality, the maximum size of the mail is 10 MB.
3. The registration form – attached to this contest invitation – must be sent back signed and scanned, together with the caricatures – to the
4. Deadline: 31. March 2020.
5. Awards:
Main prize: 150 000 HUF (minus TAX)
Best foreign cartoonist: 75. 000 HUF (minus TAX)
The best Hungarian cartoonist: 75.000 HUF (minus TAX)
+ 5 Diplomas
6. By applying, the participants accept that any decision of the jury - in connection with this contest – is final and not appealable.
7. Announcement of results: 12. April 2020.
8. Payout Date: to 30. April 2020
9. By filling the registration form, the participant acknowledges that the Motorist Great-Coalition - referring to the competition – can use the submitted creations free, without the purpose of gaining financial benefits. Forms of use:
- Through mediums cooperating with the Motorist Great-Coalition (, etc. )
- In digital or printed catalogues
- In the free publication made for the partners of Motorist Great-Coalition, which will not be merchandised
- On exhibitions, or events supported by the Motorist Great-Coalition
- As decoration
Continuous information on theúra-Pályázat-…/…
If you have any question, contact us at
We wish you good work and a successful participation!
István Knezsik

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Homage to George Bacovia in Bacau

2021 will represent an important year, from a cultural perspective, for my residence city - Bacău, which will mark an historical boundary: 140 years since the birth of the most famous local poet, George Bacovia (born in 1881).
To honor his memory, starting with the first part of 2020, we decided to start making a cartoon-portrait album to symbolize both the human and the poetic side of our great poet.
The cartoon collection will be included in an extended art album called "George Bacovia - Iconography" (Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Cartoon). This project will be a very important one for the entire Romanian cultural landscape and will represent an additional reason of pride for the inhabitants of the city of Bacău.
I would be more than honored if you could contribute with a cartoon portrait to the compendium I want to make, so I invite you to write together a new tab in the cultural history of my community.
Regarding the deadline for submitting your work, this is May 2020.
In case you will confirm the participation, you can see below a link with some cartoon portraits symbolizing our poet, George Bacovia.
Looking forward for a productive collaboration,
With all due respect, Victor Eugen Mihai – VEM

Please see below some details about our poet, George Bacovia
• Inspired by French symbolist poets, George Bacovia has been considered the father of Romanian symbolism, his work from the second part of life being later described as neo-symbolist, surrealist and seen as a basis for modern Romanian poetry.
• George Bacovia was one of the greatest Romanian poets of all time, his poetry being a matter of study subject at both high school and secondary school.
• After his death, Bacău was nicknamed the “City of Bacovia”.

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