Saturday, January 11, 2020

Homage Caricature Exhibition - In love of The Egyptian cartoonist Mohammed Effat Ismail (Cairo - 2/11/1948 - 21/12/2019)

The Egyptian Caricature Association and the Federation of Cartoonists Organizations (FECO) Egypt are organizing a cartoon exhibition in love of Effat.

• Theme: Effat (1948 - 2019) (President Federation cartoonists organizations (FECO) of Egypt
• Open to artists from anywhere in the world
• All artworks to be prepared at 300 dpi
• Size A3 in JPG format
• Entries: Max. 2 cartoon
• Submitted works can be in color or black and white, in any style or technique
• Deadline: 1st February 2020
• Please submit your artwork to the following email:

World Cartoon Festival COLOMBIA 2020 - For the defense of the Amazon Environment and peace

REGULATION Call for participatory purposes.
1- Participation is open to each and every cartoonist and cartoonist in the world.
3- Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 works.
 4- The cartoonists, a page.
5- Free technique
6- The works must be submitted in format: A4, JPG, 21x29.7, 300 dpi.
7- They can participate with works that have been awarded, or published.
8- Each work must be accompanied by the following information: names and surnames of the author, email and country of origin.
9- By submitting the work it means that you accept the participation and authorize the event committee, for the publication of your work in print and electronic media,
10- The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to exhibit works that violate individual or collective rights.
11- The event has a deep sense of solidarity for the defense of the Amazon and is carried out without profit.
12- All participants will receive a participation diploma.
13- The jury will select 100 works for the respective exhibitions, three (3) of these chosen by the jury, will receive the PERGAMINO DE LA EXCELLENCE.
14- Deadline for delivery: May 5, 2020 15- Works must be sent to the following email:
Todos por la defensa de la Amazonía el medio ambiente la paz

REGLAMENTO Convocatoria con carácter participativo.
1- La participación está abierta a todas y todos los caricaturistas e historietistas del mundo.
3- Cada participante puede presentar máximo 3 obras.
 4- Los historietistas, una página.
5- Técnica libre
6- Las obras deben presentarse en formato: A4, JPG, 21x29,7, 300 dpi.
7- Pueden participar con obras que hayan sido premiadas, o publicadas.
8- Cada obra debe venir acompañada con los siguientes datos: nombres y apellidos del autor o autora, correo electrónico y país de origen.
9- Al enviar la obra significa que acepta la participación y autoriza al comité del evento, para la publicación de su trabajo en medios impresos y electrónicos,
10- El Comité Organizador se reserva el derecho de no exhibir obras que atenten contra los derechos individuales o colectivos.
11- El evento tiene un profundo sentido de solidaridad por la defensa de la Amazonía y se realiza sin ánimo de lucro.
12- Todos los participantes recibirán un diploma de participación.
13- El jurado seleccionará 100 obras para las respectivas exposiciones, tres (3) de estas escogidas por el jurado, recibirán el PERGAMINO DE LA EXCELENCIA.
14- Fecha límite de entrega: mayo 5 de 2020 15- Las obras deben enviarse al siguiente correo:

Monday, January 06, 2020

"Art tribute to New Year cards" by PETER ZÁVACKÝ

P.F. 2020
P.F. - Two letters for happiness - two known French words POUR FELICITÉR

Again, there are new Year's postcards-the symbol of the rotation of the years-on all continents already known as the "PF "-Messengers of good news-sincere wishes to the joyous and peaceful Christmas and the best wishes of the new Year.
All month/traditionally from mid-December to mid-January, they wander in letter shipments, or only as postcards and also by mail electronically across all continental-senders from old Europe to the addressees of Asia, both America and Africa and the opposite of these continents back to continental Europe-in symbolic form-the largest picture gallery/cross/ of the world.
Popular New Year's postcards in the nations already known by Pour Féliciter-they are already traditional, US arched and welcome messing in the new year from us to the nearest, whether friends and acquaintances. This time it's been a year with a serial number of "twenty " in the third Milénia.
Again, there is an opportunity – even in Slovakia – to delight and caress the soul of small-scale pictorial artwork in the traditional art techniques, from the classic "repro " to graphic opusy – funny and smiling Malby and graphics, photos, collages and PC-discovered in our mailboxes. Original Creative Creations from the studios of the leading, famous and archers of artists from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the distant countries. Painters, graphic artists, designers, cartoonists, but also fine-skilled and talented performers from among musicians, singers, poets who have also added some of their own vineyards or small verse, where there is never a humor, jokiness, irony, recession, no adventuriness...
With a unique and special New Year's greeting card and greeting cards, we encounter three centuries.
Even though their primacy is yours. But still the Victorian England (with Dobson, Horsley, Colem), Rusi (with Kiprenski, Surikov, Repin), whether the Austrians (Schwartz), the Germans (Endletzberger), but also in the Czech Republic (Chotek) and in Slovakia (V. PaulinyTóth), let us more satisfying the knowledge and knowledge that a beautiful habit of sending you to New Year's greetings has not lost anything from your charm. And it was also preserved at the time of/almost explosions/e-mails and SMS messages.
And it is also a strong awareness that, for the future of generations, we retain our current period of delivery.
New Year's paper greetings have also become the subject of passionate collectable interest as well as the creative artistic interest of famous and renowned artists, as once Ex-libris. Each of them will certainly like to praise the PF from today's generation of seniors--famous-known-and such artists as they were with us in Slovakia and also in the Czech Masters of painters and graphic designers - Benka, Bartfay, Kulich, Račko, Hložník, Klimčák, I. Kolčák,  F. Šestak, Brunovský, Vavro, Gľonda, Ďurža, Leššo,  Schurman, living Kallay, Gažovich, Piačka, Plocháňová, M.Vanek, Buková, Hudák, Radena, Vašičková,  Grušpier, legends Liesler, J. Bouda, Mézl, Neprakta, Born, K. Saudek, Renčín, or contemporaries such as Sukdolak, Suchánek, Anderle, Beneš, Benešová, L. Vaněk, Nesvadba, M. Šesták, M. Vomáčka, Johanus...,  and our friends from the world Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa -Portugal/, Junco -Espana/ , V.Mochalov and Rachkov -Rusland/, Melinda Kishazi (Hungary),F. Punas -Espana/, R. Bouschet -France/, W.Rassing -Nederlanden/,  V.Aleksandrov -Leningrad/, Baptistao, Santos -Brasil/...
Some of these small and original smiles artwork-New Year's graphics from famous artists are happy to introduce you.
And to surprise and delight their loved ones, acquaintances, friends with their New Year's congratulations  "PF 2020 " Known artists from Slovak republik, but also from Bohemia and from France, Spain, Portugal to Rusland and China?   You will recognize Hudák, Radena, Feďa, Marcel Zet /Slovak republik/, L.Rada, Suchánek, L. Vaněk, Šesták, Vomáčka, Plotěná /Bohemia/, Sousa -Portugal/, Junco-Espaňa/, Bouscher-France/, Pucovská (Serbia/, Rachkov and Aleksandrov -Rusland/, Kazančev -Ukraine/ to Cheng XuanLi - Chine/..., Semendjajeva, Voznjuka -Ukraine-, ESI - Uzbekistan), for your enjoyment chose them from their Christmas mail post (but also from your archive) the author of the text (and also the curator of the Kartún). We believe that their reproduction will advise not only your eye but also the soul.

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