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The 12th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2016 مسابقة سورية الدولية الثانية عشرة للكاريكاتور

The 12th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2016
مسابقة سورية الدولية الثانية عشرة  للكاريكاتور
ندعوكم للمشاركة في مهرجان سورية الدولي الثاني عشر للكاريكاتور بعنوان 
(الفن ضد الإرهاب)
يمكن المشاركة  بعمل واحد فقط
 JPEG، و 200 dpi
حجم اللوحة 21×29 سم
الموعد النهائي: 10/4/2016
ستوزع العديد من الجوائز الذهبية والفضية والبرونزية و5 جوائز خاصة
تستخدم أعمال الفنانين المشاركة في البوسترات
والمجلات والصحف والمواقع الالكترونية السورية
دون إذن مسبق بهدف الترويج دون لقاء مادي
ترسل الرسوم إلى البريد التالي
تنشر النتائج في
موقع الكاريكاتور السوري
Syria Cartoon website present
The 12th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2016

T h e m e :
Art against terrorism
• 1 cartoon,  A4, 200 dpi, JPG/JPEG and free techniques.
• Deadline: 10 /4 / 2016
• Prizes: Golden, Silver, Bronze and 5 Special Prizes.
• Jury members will be considered as participants in the exhibition 
and represent their own countries.
Their names will be automatically added to the List of Participants 
(They will participate only in exhibition,
Not in contest (just honorary participation).
• Cartoons can be used for any promotion purposes
(Printing, websites, Newspapers, posters, invitation cards....etc) 
without the permission of the artist and without any payment.
• Cartoons must be sent to:
Syria Cartoon website:
Thank you for participation

4th Graphic Humor Contest 2016, Alicante, Spain

May participationte in the professional artists or amateurs contest anywhere in the world.
Humor and Thematic:
The works submitted must be humorous intent. 2 or thematic categories are established:
- Festera of Moors and Christians
- FreeFormat:
The presentation will be in paper or digital format. The work has to be publishable paper.
The maximum size will be a proportional or DIN A4 page.Number of Works:
Cacla participant may submit up to 6 works, 3 category in any of the formats valid
Time and deadline for submission of works is the 23,00h of March 31, 2016
Not accept originals, only copies (digital or print).
The works must be submitted in jpeg format at a resolution of 300 dpi.
An award set by category:
Moors and Christians prize: 200,00 euros
Free themed prize: 200,00 euros
Comparsa Students. Lamberto Amat Street, 22
03600 Elda (Alicante)

Telephone Contact: 635795975

Hoje inaugura o CartoonXira onde se destacada presença de Cecile Bretrand

Friday, March 11, 2016

Winners Of 1st SHOW OF CARTOONS OF FARO"FARTOON"/Portugal,2016

The 1th edition of the fartoon - shows of cartoons of faro has come to an end having the work out to tender been exposed for about 2 months in the municipal museum, faro and for 1 month n ' the artists.
After examination of the jury, the results were as follows:
1nd place: Life - Omar Perez: "Omar" (Spain)

2nd place: Sustainability - Paulo Serra: "Paulosul" (Portugal)
3nd place: Flock - Paulo Jindelt (Brazil)

Honorable mention: " no title " - António Dos Santos: " Santiagu " (Portugal)

This shows, whose theme chosen for this first edition was ' sustainability for the future " have as your godfather the port cartoon world festival and intends to make known and projecting new talents in this area, as well as promote this form of communication, and at the same time Raise awareness by adopting pragmatic themes of contemporary society.
The organization give my congratulations to the winners, thanks to all the participants and all those who have made this show possible and announces that he's working in the preparation of the 2th Edition, whose regulation will be published soon

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Hoje tertúlia e lançamento do livro "Luis Filipe e a Farsa da Vida" de João Alpuim Botelho, Mariana Caldas de Almeida e Pedro Bebiano Braga no Museu Bordalo Pinheiro em Lisboa

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

9th International Contest of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden 2016, Luxembourg

The Museum of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden with the cooperation of
Les Amis du Château de Vianden and Naturpark OUR
are pleased to announce their

1. Subject: MY HOME IS MY CASTLE (home, house, refuge, refugee... )
2. Deadline: 11th April 2016
3. Prizes: 1st prize:1500 €, 2nd prize: 1000 €, 3rd prize: 500 €, 3 honourable mentions
4. Entries: Initially, each participant can submit up to 3 entries in digital format by sending them via internet to the following address: .
The author must include the following details in his or her e-mail: first name, last name, complete address, e-mail address, phone number and the title or the number of each submission.
The specifications for these electronic submissions are as follows: format JPEG, good quality, and max. 1, 5 MB per picture.
Out of these submissions, the jury will make a selection of 60-100 drawings.
Only the awarded artists will be invited to send the original work by mail.
All these works will be shown as prints at the exhibition and in the catalogue.
Their size should be between A4 (210x297mm) and A3 (297x420mm).
5. Technique: Free, black and white or in colour, without subtitles.
6. Prizes and Exhibition: The announcement of the prizes and honourable mentions will happen on 7th May 2016 in Castle of Vianden and the exhibition will take place in the Hall of the Knights of the Castle of Vianden from 7th May until 29th May 2016. There are plans to display the exhibits in the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden and in other cities.
7. Returns: The drawings that were awarded one of the prizes will become property of the organizer.
8. Catalogue: The authors whose submissions are selected for the exhibition will receive a free catalogue by mail.
9. Results: The results will be published on the website on 8th May 2016.
The award winners selected by the jury will be personally informed via e-mail or by phone. The final decisions of the jury are incontestable.
10. Copyright: The selected participants give the organizers permission to use their drawings only for promoting the artist and the event itself. Every other aspect of the copyright remains with the artist (except for the awarded submissions). It ensures that the awarded works can no longer be submitted in other contests or published by their authors or third parties after the official publication of the results.
11. Generalities: The submitted work should not have been awarded or published before the deadline of this contest.
By taking part in this contest the participants accept the abovementioned rules.
12. Submission address for the awarded works:
Musée de la Caricature et du Cartoon de Vianden
48, Grand-rue, L - 9410 Vianden, Luxembourg
13. Further informations

The women in cartoon by Damien Glez

CARTOONXIRA inaugura dia 12 de Março na Patriarcal em Vila Franca de Xira

Dia de la Mujer - cartoon de Nani Mosquera

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