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Ukraine - Cartoon by Christian Indus

FENAMİZAH e-magazine NEW ISSUE IS ONLINE!. March, 2014 - Issue No: 25

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INDEX: Actual local and universal cartoons, comic strips, cartoons, humor story, competitions and news. (Turkish and partially English & The universal language of cartoon.)

 ZDENKO PUHIN (Croatian Cartoonist) by AZİZ YAVUZDOGAN

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Friday, February 28, 2014

International Cartoon Contest - To vote or not to vote - Ruse, Bulgaria 2014

International Cartoon Contest - To vote or not to vote
This time it's different
Ruse, Bulgaria 2014
Europe Direct Information Center Ruse
The European Institute, Sofia
Ruse Art Gallery 7000 Ruse, 39 Borisova str.
FECO BulgariaConcept:
The contest will focus at The 2014 European elections. The elections on 22-25 May will give voters the chance to influence the future political course of the European Union when they elect the 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to represent their interests for the next five years Why are these elections different?
As the European Union seeks to pull through the economic crisis and EU leaders reflect on what direction to take in future, these are the most important European elections to date.
They not only allow voters to pass judgment on EU leaders' efforts to tackle the eurozone crisis and to express their views on plans for closer economic and political integration; they are also the first elections since the Lisbon Treaty of 2009 gave the European Parliament a number of important new powers. One major new development introduced by the Treaty is that, when the EU member states nominate the next president of the European Commission to succeed José Manuel Barroso in autumn 2014, they will - for the first time - have to take account of the European election results. The new Parliament must endorse this candidate: it 'elects' the Commission president, in the words of the Treaty. This means voters now have a clear say in who takes over at the helm of EU government.
The new political majority that emerges from the elections will also shape
European legislation over the next five years in areas from the single market to civil liberties. The Parliament - the only directly elected EU institution - is now a linchpin of the European decision-making system and has an equal say with national governments on nearly all EU laws.
І. Cartoon;
Terms for participation:
Europe Direct Information Center Ruse
Ruse 7000, 26 Alexandrovska str., p.b.169,
Royal City Center, fl.3, tel: 00359 82 507875, www.
1. The contest is open for professional and amateur cartoon artists over 18
2. Each participant could send up to 3 works /originals/ in A4 or A3 format;
3. Cartoons could be either color or black and white;
4. Deadline for receiving works 15.04.2014on the following address:
Information Center Europe Direct Ruse
26 Alexandrovska str.,
Royal City Center, fl.3,
7000 Ruse, p.b.169
For Cartoon contest
5. Participants should send a short СV, as well as name and family name,
titles of the works, postal address, e-mail address and telephone.
6. Jury:
Ivaylo Tsvetkov – chairperson of FECO for Bulgaria, cartoon artist
for newspaper Monitor, newspaper Telegraph and magazine Tema.
Valentin Georgiev, cartoon artist, illustrator, artist;
Elena Velikova, director Ruse Art Gallery;
7. Prizes:
І prize of the contest – plaque and diploma;
2 special prizes and diplomas;
Europe Direct Information Center Ruse
Ruse 7000, 26 Alexandrovska str., p.b.169,
Royal City Center, fl.3, tel: 00359 82 507875, www.
SBH prize;
RAG prize;
FECO Bulgaria prize;
All awarded and selected works will be part of exhibition in Ruse Art
Gallery and IC Europe Direct. Cartoons will not be returned. All cartoons
will be included in collection of Europe Direct and will be included in
travelling exhibition among Europe Direct Centers in Bulgaria.
8. Postal costs for sending works are covered by participants. There is no fee
for participation;
9. Participation in this contest is considered as author’s agreement with
present terms.
10. We wish success to all participants!
Opening of exhibition :
May 2014, 17.30 EET.
Ruse Art Gallery,
Ruse, 39 Borisova str.
Contacts :
For all questions referring organization and terms of the contest you can write
to: to the Europe Direct Ruse or to Valentin Georgiev.

O Broncas - Cartoon de Zé Oliveira

Exposição Internacional de Cartoon no Forum Municipal de Castro Verde a partir de 6 de Março

Exploração e direitos dos trabalhadores, olhar crítico a traço de humor
346 trabalhos, 112 artistas, 39 países.
Foi este o resultado do desafio lançado pelo Partido Comunista Português e pela Humorgrafe no âmbito da campanha nacional lançada em 2010 - «Lutar contra as injustiças – Exigir uma vida melhor», sobre temas como o emprego, salários e precariedade.
Num momento de crise e de ofensiva contra os direitos dos trabalhadores e de corajosas lutas pela sua defesa, esta exposição vem projetar a intervenção artística como parte integrante desta luta.
Um olhar crítico a traço de humor que reflete as diferentes reflexões filosófico humorísticas de artistas do mundo inteiro.

6 MAR a 4 ABR |Fórum Municipal |18h00
Horário da exposição: 2ª a 6ª: 09h00 às 19h00.
Org. Câmara Municipal de Castro Verde.
Parceria: Partido Comunista Português / Humorgrafe

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

VII Concorso Internacional de Humor Gráfico Caracolero - Humorália 2014

Rodrigo De Matos wins the PCE (Press Cartoon Europe) Grand Prix

Among the growing poverty and the hard austerity measures, the people in Portugal found a reason to smile: the national football team qualified for the World Cup in Brazil, to be played in 2014. - See more at:

The PCE (Press Cartoon Europe) is an initiative of the PCB (Press Cartoon Belgium) in association with the International Cartoon Festival held in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. This annual prize awards the best cartoon published in any European country. The competition is open free-of-charge to all cartoonists who publish in European newspapers, magazines or electronic media.
Press cartoonists are invited to register on the website before 1 January in order to participate. There is a first prize of 8,000 euros plus a bronze statue designed by the Belgian illustrator Ever Meulen. The award ceremony takes place at the opening of the annual International Cartoon Festival and the preview of the exhibition of the nominated cartoons, in Knokke-Heist. The cartoons also appear in a multilingual annual catalogue.
Grand prix : Rodrigo De Matos (Expresso, Portugal)
Second prize : Tjeerd Royaards (360, The Netherlands)
Third prize : Hajo de Reijger (NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands)

E o melhor cartoon de imprensa da Europa é… português
O Grande Prémio da edição deste ano do Press Cartoon Europe distinguiu Rodrigo de Matos, por um trabalho publicado no último ano no semanário Expresso. A distinção internacional foi-lhe atribuída por um trabalho publicado no Expresso Economia onde retrata a forma como o apuramento da selecção nacional de futebol para o Mundial no Brasil distraiu toda a gente da difícil situação económica atravessada por Portugal, onde perante as dificuldades e as políticas de austeridade esta surgiu como única alegria.
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Humor nos cartoons de Pedro Molina

às Quinta Falamos de BD no Centro nacional BD da Amadora dia 27 de Fevereiro - Herois de Papel Tintin 85 Ano


Theme: Free

1 - The contest is open to all cartoonists. 
2 - Submitted cartoons to the competition may have been published previously. But they shouldn't have won a prize in another contest.
3 - Technical and number is free. But the works must be original (digital printings are accepted with signing wet by the artists )
4 - The maximum size of the works should be 30x40 cm.
5 - The participants must write with capital letters; their name, surname, address, e-mail, country and phone number on the back side of the works. Also a short biography is needed. 
6 - The cartoons must be sent to the following address until 2nd May 2014;
Milas Belediyesi Kültür Sanat Birimi, Hacı Aliağa Konağı 
48200 Milas - Muğla / TÜRKİYE"
7 - The results will be announced on 28 May 2014.
8 - The cartoons submitted to the competition will not be returned. They can be used for cultural purposes. Participants are deemed to have accepted these conditions. The works will be stored in Turhan Selçuk Karikatürlü Ev.
9 - A catalog of the selected cartoons by the Jury will be sent to the authors.
10 - The award ceremony will be held on August 16, 2014. The opening of the exhibition will be held on the same date ( will be open until 13rd September ).
11 - The accommodation and food expenses of the award winners will be covered. 
Muhammet Tokat (Milas Mayor) 
Kamil Masaracı (Cartoonist) 
Marilena Nardi (Cartoonist) Italy 
Christine Traxler (Cartoonist) French 
Menekse cam (Cartoonist) 
Emre Yilmaz (Cartoonist) 
Latif Demirci (Cartoonist) 
Ersin Yeniceli (culture art chief.) 
Bulent Örkensoy (Graphic Designer).
13 - AWARDS: 
First Prize: $ 3,000 
Second Prize: $ 2,000 
Third Prize: $ 1,000 
Other Special Awards: Various organizations, associations, newspapers, art magazines, trade unions and agencies will put their special awards. 
PS: Jury meeting will be held on May 24, 2014.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunny Dragon 2014 - regulations

Humour de René Bouschet

Humor de Lailson

CARTOONIST WANTED To Create Comic Strip For Cinema Zine

FILM PANIC is a printed publication featuring interviews and articles about underground, experimental, art-house, trash, queer, amateur, outsider and cult cinema. Issue #1 launched in 2013 to a great reception. Issue #2 is due for publication late spring 2014, with issue #3 coming towards the end of the year.

We are seeking an artist to create a one page, full colour, hand drawn comic strip to feature on the back page of each issue of the zine.

We are open to any style but we are looking for someone who can create a comic strip full of energy and originality, that's eye catching and a whole lot of fun! A passion for underground, cult and weird cinema is a must as you will be drawing on these kinds of films and filmmakers for inspiration.

This is currently a voluntary run project so unfortunately we are unable to offer any payment at the moment but we aim to be able to pay for future issues once things are up and running. To start we will work on an issue by issue basis but our hope is to find an artist who would like to become a regular collaborator so they can create a body of work over several issues of the publication.

To Apply:
Please send some info about yourself, including a few words on the films/filmmakers that excite you, plus samples of your previous work to
Cartoonist Wanted For FILM PANIC Zine! - The Underground Film Studio
To Apply: Please send some info about yourself, including a few words on the films/filmmakers that...

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