Monday, November 05, 2007

Do Not Wait For Your Freedom to Come

(Ben Heine © Cartoons)
Freedom is a Gun.
By Raja Chemayel
Do not wait for your Freedom to come
after the next rainy day.
Liberation comes from inside of you
and is never delivered to you, by any other messenger
nor can you order it from abroad.....
like some home-delivery-Pizza

How to get it ?

Admit first, what your own identity is ,
and do not invent one.

Recognise your borders and your limits.
Identify your goals and your enemies.
Choose your friends and allies,
do not let them to choose you, first.

Learn how to read and to write,
put bread on your children's table
and only thereafter, pick up a gun !.......
............ and then, you are almost there !!

This is no poet-stuff
nor any fancy-philosopher' s thoughts
nothing new , nor anything much revealing
just words that should be taken at their face-value.
Raja Chemayel, an Arab-Lebanese,
a Christian by birth, a muslim
by culture and a democrat by nature
كلبناني عربي، مسيحي بالولادة، إسلامي الثقافة وديمقراطي بالطبي

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