Friday, May 14, 2021

ConCierto Dibujado por Colombia 2021


We all have “hymn” songs, those that we hum in certain situations, that help us to face, to meditate, to relax, to decide, to feel, to think. At all times the music accompanies us regardless of the time or place. In a stadium, in the cinema, on the street, traveling, walking, we always hum a theme that makes us feel part of it, as if we were living a music video or it was the soundtrack of our lives.
As cartoonists, we live music full of images, we take a song and we appropriate it. We see ourselves as the protagonists and we resort to a particular chorus with which we identify, making it our personal stamp, what we say defines us.
This is how we create "Drawn Concert". Those songs whose lyrics accompany us and drive us like infinite vitamins, we now interpret them in images, which, just as music adapts to situations, our graphics allow the audience to see what we see when we listen to them, to feel what we feel when we draw listening to them, and sing with us, in strokes and melodies, our desire that art will always be life-giving.
Join us from wherever you are, with that melody that gives you value every day, that encourages you not to give up, that commits you to be more, to create more, and to live better. Starting today, music and illustration come together to share value. Come, participate by illustrating the theme that drives you to continue fighting for the world we deserve. That where flames were lit the music of your life is lit, that where arms were raised the colors rise and that where blood flowed, ink flowed.
Come and participate with a letter size format of 21 x 28 cms. leaving a space for the image of 20 x 20 cm, signed by the author and 7 cm. for the lyrics of the chorus of the song that you are interpreting with your cartoon (we do not need more than 6 lines of the theme), without forgetting to recognize both the authors of the lyrics and the interpreters, as the case may be. Each cartoon must have a version in Spanish and another in English. The font is Myriad Pro.
The tickets are ready and the audience waits excited. Now, stop being a spectator, take your instrument, go on stage, and let the concert begin.
Send your work to
This first concert is for Colombia. 

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