Saturday, May 08, 2021

ASEAN Human Rights Cartoon Exhibition

Human Rights problems exist in every country in the world. Here's a perspective from various ASEAN countries, in the form of ART!

 Welcome to the ASEAN Human Rights Cartoon Exhibition and feast your eyes on 74 hard-hitting cartoons illustrated by 37 cartoonists from Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. Themed ‘Human Rights in My Country’, this exhibition is led by Zunar, the recipient of Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award and Cartooning for Peace Award.

 This exhibition is prominently fixated on Human Rights issues in ASEAN countries where the focal point of art on display tells you stories of social injustices close to home.

 Among the issues canvased are the state of emergency in Malaysia; the royal defamation law in Thailand; the murderous war on drugs in the Philippines; the coup in Myanmar and Papua in Indonesia. Besides that, also don’t miss the Myanmar Solidarity Gallery, an effort by the cartoonists to show support to the people in the military-ruled country.

 The Asean Human Rights Cartoon Exhibition takes place from 3rd May to 30th May 2021. 

ASEAN Human Rights Gallery


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