Thursday, May 06, 2021

1st International Cartoon Exhibition, Zagreb 2021, Croatia




Who will know what is correct?! Does it matter?!  ZeGeBOOM! is an international cartoon exhibition that aims to become a regular every year. It is dedicated to current topics that have marked the lives of not only the people of  Zagreb, but also people around the world in the past year.

This year's theme is the earthquake (not just the earth shaking!) and the corona virus crisis.

ORGANISER  Trešnjevka Cultural Centre, Park Stara Trešnjevka 1, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Project Manager: Ivan Hromatko, PhD

Exhibition Selector: mr. sc. Branka Hlevnjak, art critic

Expert Associate: Dragutin Dado Kovačević, academic

painter and graphic artist/ ARTour  

DEADLINES  • Call for submissions/ acceptance of works: 01 May - 01 July 2021.

• Online exhibition / voting and judging: 05 July - 01 September 2021.

• Results / final exhibition: October 2021.


TOPIC: QUAKE “There are various types of earthquakes, which shake us in addition to  when the Earth protests something, gets angry or just stretches its huge  back. We are shaken by a lot of things in the city, from traffic to crowds and  queues, from new measures and media fears, we are shaken by poverty,  lack of money, unemployment, homelessness, we are shaken by bad news,  and we are shaken by too much love…” (B.H)

HOW TO PARTICIPATE?  The exhibition is open to all authors regardless of nationality, age, gender and profession. You can submit your work(s) via two channels:

• By filling out the application form and submitting the papers online, by clicking here -> APPLICATION FORM ONLINE

• Or by filling the application form at the end of this document and submitting it together with your cartoons via e-mail:




• 1 - 3 cartoons WITHOUT WORDS

• Submissions can be previously published, exhibited and awarded at other competitions

• FORMAT: A4 (210x297 mm), RGB, JPEG, 200-300 dpi, high resolution  

SELECTION Exhibition selector, art critic mr. sc. Branka Hlevnjak, will select 1 work by each author for the  exhibition and judging.

EXPERT JURY The five-member international jury consists of four well-known cartoonists and one  representative of the organizers.

Each member of the jury selects 5 cartoons and evaluates them with points 1 - 5. 

AUDIENCE JURY  The audience has the opportunity to participate in the work of the jury by choosing the best  cartoon online.

5 first-placed caricatures receive points 1 - 5, which are added to the marks of the expert jury. 

PRIZES  • 1st- 3rd place: 

- Unique T-shirt (personalized - print of the awarded cartoon, name of the author and  the exhibition). 

- All awarded authors will receive a Diploma.

- The full list of awards will be updated soon on project’s website…

• Confirmation of participation in the exhibition authors receive on request by e-mail.• All participants: 

- Digital catalogue (via e-mail). 

- Voting results (expert jury and jury of the audience)

- Free promotion of works and authors in the media and the public through the organizer's website 

FINAL EXHIBITION OF WORKS  Gallery “Modulor” (Trešnjevka Cultural Center, Stara Trešnjevka 1 Park, Zagreb, Croatia) in  October 2021 and / or digital exhibition. 

OTHER RULES  The exhibited works remain at the disposal of the organizer, who can use them for  promotional and other purposes without royalties and further exhibit, stating the name and surname of the author and the name of the exhibition. 

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