Sunday, April 10, 2011

The First International Biennial of Resistance Cartoon/ Animation Contest

Theme: Resistance to Occupation?
2-comic strip
This course: Creating the occupier characters
Animation works would be send on C.D, without restriction period and technique
Cartoon Size:
minA4, maxA3
Entries:5 works
Please write your name, surname, and address, phone number in Email or in backside of each work.
Sent works could be won in other contest.
first prize:1000$+diploma + statuette
Second prize: 500 $ + diploma + statuette
Third prize: 250 $ + diploma + statuette
And 5 selected prize: diploma + statuette
Deadline:1. Sep.2011
Ashtab - martyr Montazeri Crossroads-Foundation for Preservation of Monuments and Publishing Values of Sacred Defense-Tabriz- Iran
Zip code: 51396-13117
Tel: +98?+411 284 30 94

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